[Mixed Up Monday: Lucky Dragons, Passed Phew Chair Mix]

DOWNLOAD: Lucky Dragons, Passed Phew Chair Mix for Dublab

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Since Lucky Dragons are performing at the Experimental Media and Performance Arts Center in Troy, NY, this Wednesday night here is a mix that the Los Angeles duo did for Dublab back in 2010.

No tracklisting is provided, but I can tell you that the mix gets downright funky at times, which is surprising considering the heavy conceptual work that Luke Fischbeck and Sara Rara are usually known for (see video at the bottom).

That type of work will be on full display Wednesday night for their Actual Reality performance. On the EMPAC website is a description of the upcoming performance that reads: Using an archive of Internet searches for the phrase “actual reality” as raw data for this process, acoustic sounds of musicians (and the audience) are analyzed and resynthesized in real-time and then presented back for reply, creating a call and response. Along with the “real” performance, collected source material—video and audio from previous performances, rehearsals, and incidental audio—is processed and layered on top, creating an endless loop of what is and what has been.

Certainly sounds like an interesting event to say the least. For now, though, enjoy this out-there mix from the experimental duo. Dublab’s description of it is included below.

From Dublab.com:

Lucky Dragons dipped their pocket watches into wax because they know time is a construct of anxious society. Standing still can be just as fulfilling as moving forward. Meditation can be a motivation. Your trajectory is a trip, so trickle to this tier and place these sounds in your ears. Lucky Dragons are here to mingle with your mind.


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