[Mixed Up Monday: Com Truise, ‘musicForProgramming’]

DOWNLOAD (Right Click, Save Link As): Com Truise, ‘musicForProgramming();’

Here is a mix from Oneida, NY-native Com Truise, compiled for the ‘musicForProgramming();’ series.

These mixes are “intended for listening while programming to aid concentration and increase productivity (also compatible with other activities).”

I would suggest reading as one of those compatible activities.


1. Joel Vandroogenbroeck – Banjomatic

2.Joel Vandroogenbroeck – Silicon Siren

3.  Martin Walker – Armalyte 1 (Edit)

4. Caravelli & Patrick Vasori – Morse a L’infini

5. Harry Forbes – Scanner 2

6. M. Cannone – Sylphides

7. Boards of Canada – Whitewater

8. VHS Head – Motions

9. Oneohtrix Point Never – Grief and Repetition

10. Syn – 13

11. Lapti & Nocow – Sirenas (Part 1)

12. Sarin Sunday – Luh

13. New Dreams Ltd – Upper Spheres of Consciousness

14. Vektroid – Walk with me Saturn

15. Syn – Hoarfrost

16. Robert Viger – Seasons

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