[Mixed Up Monday: Cory E. Card, ‘When I’m Old as Jesus: Mix for the Upstate Soundscape’]

On this week’s show, Cory E. Card and Jen Marquart of Rochester cassette label cae-sur-a will be in studio to play some past and future releases from their label. We’ll also post an interview that the two did with us tomorrow so make sure to check back for that. And, to top it all off, Cory was kind enough to put together this mix for us as well. Enjoy.

1. Zero Kama – Hassan I Sabba
2. Jac Berrocal – Rock ‘N Roll Station
3. Mayhem – Silvester Anfang
4. Meredith Monk – Understreet
5. Alfred Schnittke – Symphony No. 2: St. Florian: II. Gloria
6. Julian Cope – Soul Desert
7. These Feathers Have Plumes – Quiet Sun, Indian Summer
8. Andrew King – Three Ravens
9. My Dying Bride – le cerf malade
10. Raime – We Must Hunt Under the Wreckage of Many Systems
11. Acid Bath – New Death Sensation
12. The Master Musicians of Hopfrog – Cherries of Persia
13. Julian Cope – Westerm Front 1992 CE
14. The Icehorse – Smutsig Dag

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