[Archive 02.29.12: cae-sur-a special]

1) Intension Ensemble, “Shakti Improv”
2) Scott Valkwitch, “gtr-non-snd”
3) Cages, “Cavern”
4) Riasni Drove Consort, “I Wonder as I Wander,” A Still Better Seaward Peep (cae-sur-a)
5) Novoe Tsartsvo, “Voda Naidet,” Voda Naidet Teply Dim (cae-sur-a)
6) Drowning the Virgin Silence, “Desolate Expanse,” Blue Noise (cae-sur-a)
7) Lefterna, “Not Here,” Not Here If Anywhere (cae-sur-a)
8) Fossils from the Sun, “Blood 5,” Blood ’08 (cae-sur-a)
9) Rambutan, “More Than You Should Know,” Typhoon Shapes (cae-sur-a)
10) BLACK CHALK, “I” BLACK CHALK (cae-sur-a)
11) Velvet Elvis, “BM Steed,” In Deep Time (cae-sur-a)
12) Tuurd, “Pollack Dracula,” TBD (cae-sur-a)
13) Stone Baby, “Soot” CR-200 (Carbon Records)
14) Autistic Argonauts, “Clumsy Flirt,” TBD (cae-sur-a/SicSic)
15) April in the Orange, “Xerxes Folding Roses” In the Mirror Under the Moon (cae-sur-a)

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