[Read: ‘On the End of an Era’ by Chloe Lum of AIDS Wolf]

Photo by David Walman

Montreal abstract noise jammers AIDS Wolf have called it quits and frontwoman Chloe Lum has posted a rather personal letter to her blog that I think is worth re-posting.

In the letter, Lum touches on why the band is no more, but more importantly offers her take on what it was like trying to dedicate her life to an artistic pursuit like AIDS Wolf and the trials and tribulations that came along with that.

This letter is required reading for anyone in the earlier stages of their life looking go down a similar path. It’s the type of foresight/insight that could perhaps prove invaluable to anyone who is drawn to the life of an avant-garde/experimental musician in today’s world.

From Scroungyglamour blog:

“On the End of an Era,” by Chloe Lum

So my band broke up and I’m having a lot of feelings about it. I’m going to try to make sense of those feelings here.

My band is called AIDS Wolf and we started as a 4 piece noise-rock band in Montreal in 2003. Over the years with line up changes and the growing sophistication of our own tastes we became a trio in 2009 and started calling ourselves either Formalist/Unknown Wave or Abstract Rock.

When my beau and I started the band our expectations were pretty minimal. We’d already been in 2 bands together and each several bands before meeting. Him more of the garage and punk varieties and myself of the noise and industrial ones. We dropped out of university to do a major tour with one of our previous projects , to have one of our band-mates leave the day we got home. We’d already learned that relying on others for one’s creative pursuits was dicey even in the best circumstances. . . 

Read the rest HERE.

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