[Read: Chloe Lum, “Dancing on My Own Grave”]

Chloe Lum of the now-disbanded Montreal group AIDS Wolf has followed up her viral “On an End of an Era” blog post with some more thoughts in her new post “Dancing on My Own Grave.”

Lum has some interesting things to say on her ScroungyGlammer blog about transitioning out of the DIY/underground/experimental music circuit and into the visual art world. Lum seems to think that the visual art world might have more to offer avant-garde artists like her in the long run then the musical world.

Again, as with “On an End of An Era” (which was re-posted here last Tuesday), “Dancing on My Own Grave” offers a lot of insight and food for thought that experimental/avant-garde artists of any age should take into consideration.

Dancing on My Own Grave

by scroungyglammer

I couldn’t be more surprised to see my post On The End Of An Era has gotten over 3000 views , that’s probably more attention than the last AIDS Wolf record got.

On a less self-deprecating note , I’m heartened to have gotten amazing feedback via email , twitter , facebook and this blog from many of my peers and even some of my idols. Of course , it’s not a thing to celebrate that so many of us pursuing difficult music find it hard to sustain , but a I feel as a group we are smart , creative people who now that it’s all out & in the open , pursue a new paradigm for underground avant garde sounds. We can find a way to be part of the marketplace of ideas without catering to the market.

Back in the 80′s , when many of the bands we admire where in the trenches , carving out the DIY tour circuit they had no idea how clogged it would latter become , or how many bands would simply see “the underground” as a pit-stop on a road towards mainstream aspirations , lamestream sounds. . . . 

Read the rest HERE.

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