[New FB Group: The Upstate Underground Circuit]

It’s become clear after discussions with numerous artists, promoters, fans, etc., over the last few months that–as a region–we need to get our shit together when it comes to coordinating live shows, especially between artists from one part of the region and venues from other parts. There are small, but strong scenes in each and every major urban center from Albany, to Rochester, to Buffalo, to Hamilton, and, of course, to Toronto and there is no reason that Upstate artists should not be able to easily set up shows on  a regular basis throughout that entire Upstate circuit.

There is huge potential for all involved if we create a dynamic interchange of artists from one end of this region to another. The venues will have more artists coming through, while the audiences will see more shows by different artists, and the artist of course will have a chance to expand their audience, while making connections for future shows.

And that’s just the artists from this region….emails come in all the time to the Upstate Soundscape from artists looking to do shows somewhere in the region. Having a solid circuit of venues, supporting artists, and people willing to promote in place would make it easier and more likely that artists beyond Upstate would make it a point to swing through here. And who doesn’t want that?

Thus, the Upstate Underground Circuit Facebook Group is born. . .

As the ‘About’ on FB explains, the group is a “place for underground, experimental, DIY artists from anywhere in the Upstate NY/Southern Ontario region to post info about their shows or shows they are trying to set up. 

-Spread the word about your shows to other parts of the region.

-Discover new venues, new organizations, new people across the region to help you set up shows outside your own city.

-Find out about other artists to bring in for shows to your region.”

So start posting whatever events you want to the Group so we can all start getting a better feel of who is doing what beyond our own cities. Who knows, maybe audiences will start making it a point to go see shows  in other cities, while artists will find it easier to set up shows across the region…. . .guess we shall see.

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