[Read: Buffalo Infringement Fest Application Deadline is Tomorrow]

The 2012 Buffalo Infringement Festival is accepting applications from artists of all types until tomorrow (May 1). Go HERE to fill out the application.

From the BIF website:

Thank you for considering joining us at Infringement 2012. The Buffalo Infringement Festival is an entirely volunteer operation that provides YOU with the opportunity to present your work free of entry fees, dues, or rental costs. The only way the Festival can afford to do this is by keeping the infrastructure extremely simple. Therefore, what The Festival is able to offer you is very limited. What we will do is to publicize the festival as a whole, locate venues interested in hosting your events, and coordinate the scheduling of all your performances during 11 days of infringement in Buffalo.

We are excited to see what flavors of performance you come up with. We encourage non-traditional performance, socially and politically relevant work, avant-garde productions, and street theater. At this point we don’t know what venues are offered for this summer but typically we have very few traditional theaters, and remind you to consider non-traditional performance spaces as you develop your project. For those of you developing your performance with a venue in mind we hope you encourage the venue owner to allow infringement to schedule other performances in their venue.

The proposal deadline is May 1, 2012.

NOTE: Due to the overwhelming number of musical submissions in previous years, we have had to set a cap of 125 bands that will be accepted + a waiting list of 25, all on a first-come-first-served basis.

All proposals for Infringement Festival events are stored in an online database. You can return here at any time to edit or complete your proposal.

To edit an existing proposal, log in with your e-mail address and password.

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