[Archive 06.06.12]

1)Pauline Oliveros, “Another Big Mother” Reverberations: Tape & Electronic Music 1963-1970 (Important Records)
2) University of Toronto Electronic Music Studio, “Pinball,” Electronic Music 
3) Ghost Father, “KFW”
4) Darrin Martin, “12 Right,” Out of Nowhere: Electro-Acoustic Music from the Upstate Fringe 
5) Fear Konstruktor, “Burial Mounds” Mirror (cae-sur-a)
6) Kyle Bobby Dunn, “An Evening with Dusty” Bring Me the Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn (Low Point)
7) Todd Peck, “Lifted”
8) Le Berger, ” A Rainbow of Monisms”
9) Tante Elze, “In a Dream I Was Getting Into Your Car” (Sleeves RMX)
10) Kristachuwan, “Mind Cloud”
11) Cato Salsa Experiences, Thing, and Joe McPhee, “Our Prayer” Sounds like a Sandwich
12) Bassin, Borden, and Merritt, “Reputation Defenders” The B-1 Slee Sessions (5-25-12)
13) Steve Baczkowski-Bill Nace Duo, “Live in Buffalo,” (Northern Spy Records)
14) Velvet Elvis, “Big Game Hunt,” In Deep Time (cae-sur-a)

One response to “[Archive 06.06.12]

  • Key NSPY Press and Airplay: Week of 6/7-6/13 | Northern Spy Records

    […] “A hallucinatory trip and haunted in the fourth dimension.” [translated from French] ——————————————- NS021 Neptune ‘msg rcvd’ (April ’12 Street Date) Review in Setireas Coltare “The assembly-line groove that opens msg rcvd reminds us, though not far from Silent Partner, Neptune is a formation that has made ​​his trademark visceral materiality of sound.” [translated from Italian] Review in On Da Rock “Ultimately, the Neptune imbastiscono sound sculptures, and behind them find discrepancies terrible psychic landscapes and ruined (“Dark Report”), steel long epics (“Negative Reversal”) and alienating rituals (“DSTL SGNL”). You listen at night, with eyes closed.” [translated from Italian] ——————————————- NS020 Chicago Underground Duo ‘Age of Energy’ (March ’12 Street Date) Airplay/Review in Soleno Pole “In total, balancing by means of daring experimentation and contemplation, this album sees her audacity successful. An almost insolent success which will surely attract the attention of music lovers paris tranversaux and ambiguous!” [translated from French] ——————————————- NS019 Charles Gayle ‘Streets’ (February ’12 Street Date) Review in Suppa Duppa “But what brand Streets is his passionate and melodic side is at the forefront throughout the album, especially the beautiful “Doxology.” Every track on the disc, the listener enters a new whirlwind of emotions that does not look like the previous one that had just left.” [translated from Portuguese] Review in Radio Student “You could say that the eternal themes of compassion, experiences, love and dedication to Gayle are not part of a frivolous embracing utopian vision, but they are free to the street slang, present a much more ‘street’ way.” [translated from Slovenian] ——————————————- NS011 Dan Melchior ‘Catbirds and Cardinals’ (September ’11 Street Date) Artist Feature in Boston Hassle “He exercises his ability to make wild and engaging rock and roll within the classic pop structures our ears were raised on, something almost everyone else fails at.” ——————————————- NS004 Rhys Chatham ‘Outdoor Spell’ (April ’11 Street Date) Airplay on Radio Student ——————————————- NS003 Jooklo Duo ‘The Warrior’ (November ’10 Street Date) Mention in Henry Rollins Interview “Genta is a monster saxophone player. Their [Neokarma Jooklo Trio] material is not all that easy to procure, as their albums are pressed in small numbers. Nonetheless, they are a great favorite of mine right now.” Airplay on Upstate Soundscape […]

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