[Preview: Infringement Special, Part 2 ft. Wooden Cities]

A page from Will Redman’s graphic composition ‘The Book’

The Infringement Festival insanity continues tonight on The Upstate Soundscape when Wooden Cities stops by to give us a live in-studio performance.  The ensemble that brought us the memorable performance of John Zorn’s Corbra earlier this year at Hallwalls will perform from the graphic composition Book by University at Buffalo alumni Will Redman.

Book is a is a “collection of 98 graphic compositions.  Each is rendered in black ink on a sheet of white 8.5×11 inch paper.  The compositions represent extensions and extrapolations of conventional music notation.  Book is available for interpretation (however radical) by any performer(s) in any place at any time in any part for any duration.” See the video below for a taste of what Book is all about.

Tonight’s Wooden cities line up will include Ethan Hayden, voice/performer, Evan Courtin, violin, Brendan Fitzgerald, guitar, and Michael McNeill, keyboard.

Show starts at 9pm on 91.3FM WBNY. Stream at WBNY.org.


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