[Archive 11.7.12]

1) Arthur Brown, “Ode to The Seagull,” The Seagull – A Song Cycle 
2) Yoshiko Ando, “Kotobabble,” Out Of Nowhere: Electro-Acoustic Music From The Upstate Fringe (Big Orbit)
3) Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin, “Ritual of Consumption,” Instumental Tourist (Mexican Summer)
4) Nite Lite, “Axis of Tad,” Megrez (Desire Path Recordings)
5) Tape Loop Orchestra, “I Died When She Left Me,” In A Lonely Place 
6) Venn Rain, “The History of THings,” Bioharmonics (House of Alchemy)
7) Steven Severin, “THe Wounded Hand,” The Blood of a Poet 
8) Cave, “OJ,” Neverendless (Drag City)
9) Swans, “Avatar,” The Seer (Young God)
10) Sioxsie and the Banshees, “Voodoo Dolly (Live at Royal Albert Hall)”
11) Rowland S Howard and Lydia Lunch, “I Fell in Love with A Ghost”
12) Paul Dutton and Keir Neuringer, “Untitled”
13) Rene Hell, “Meta Concrete,” Oneohtrix Point Never/ Rene Hell Split (NNA Tapes)
14) Loud & Sad, “Example 4,” False Intimacy (Cae-sur-a)
15) Elliot Carter, “Tintinnabulation” 

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