[Preview 11.28.12: Shows, shows, shows…]

A butt-load of good shows are going down this week around the region, so we’ll preview as many as we can on tonight’s episode of The Upstate Soundscape. See list of events below.

Thursday 11/29 (Albany) at the Upstate Artists Guild: Arthur Brooks Ensemble Anthony Santor (bass), and Matt Weston (percussion), plus Shape Shifting Shepards

Thursday, 11/29 (Syracuse)  at Spark Art Space:  From Sweden, TREPANERINGSRITUALEN, ft. Tumul (Rochester), Sunken Cheek (Syracuse), and Genetic Infrantryman (Syracuse).
Thursday, 11/29 (Buffalo) at the Vault: Omar Tamez/Harvey Sorgen Duo ft. Jonathan Golove (cello), Steve Baczkowski (saxophones) and John Bacon (drums). $6, 10pm
Friday 11/30 (Ithaca): IU-Naked Noise presented by Ithaca Underground and Angry Mom Records Community School of Music & Art 3rd Floor Auditorium. 9pm $5. Ft. Sun Spells, Invisible Hand, Time/Being and a host of other artists. 16 musician, amplified ensemble.
Friday, 1130 (NYC): The Status of Sound: Writing Histories of Sonic Art at the Graduate Center of City University of New York: ‘The purpose of the conference is to tackle some of the methodological issues we face as art historians, dealing with sound art within a discipline couched in the visual. Rather than attempting to link “sound art” to a particular history, we hope this conference will provide some fruitful options for how to frame a history that is informed by both experiments in art and sound together using new theoretical and methodological models.’
Friday, 11/30 (Buffalo) At the Vault: Acoustic Noise Show ft. Malaria Contorl, Oxygen Starvation, Ouiaio Au (featuring Bobby Griffiths, Jax Deluca, and TJ Borden), and Partly Zombish. Show starts at 8pm. Price is $3. Come watch noise artists make a ruckus w/out the use of electricity or amplification.
Saturday 12/1 (Rochester): at the Sacred Sphinx Ouiaio Au (Buffalo) Pegacide, Jungle Heart, Andy Gilmore, Finkbeiner, Rash. 9pm. Donations. Look it up on Facebook  Ouiaio Au. Private Message Dr. Hamburger for address.
Saturday 12/1 (Buffalo): Big Night at Western New York Book Art Collective ft. poetry Pamela Lu and Noah Falck and music by Kyle Butler and Gut Pole.  8pm.
Sunday, 12/2 (Buffalo) at Slee Hall Concert Hall on UB’s North Campus, the UB Percussion Ensemble Presents performances of John Cage: Imaginary Landscapes 2 & 3 (1939 – 1952) Christian Wolff: Merce (1993). 730pm, free and open to public.
Monday, 12/3: at Allen St. Hardware in Buffalo the Return of Inventory Monday’s: goal of the open mic is to be totally open to all forms expression and individual interest. $2 PBRs to get things rolling.
Got some new stuff from Alfred Brown, Nite Lite, Michael Pisaro, Kyle Bobby Dunn, Paper Armies, Ay Fast, and others that we’ll try to squeeze in as well. Show starts at 8pm on 91.3 FM WBNY. Stream at WBNY.org.

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