[Visually Sound Sunday: Michael Pisaro’s ‘Tombstones’]

Check out this short documentary about Buffalo-born composer Michael Pisaro and and his 2012 album, Tombstones. 


From HEM site:

Watch Michael Pisaro speak in the studio about DJ Screw and the process of composing ‘Tombstones.’ 


A live in-studio recording of “Fool” (based on a DJ-Screw / UGK track) follows the interview. Julia Holter, Janet Kim and Lisa Tolentino contribute vocals.

Tombstones’ was designed and hand-silkscreened by Berlin artist Adam Raymont, each ‘Tombstones’ sleeve is printed in white ink on transparent vellum. The delicate image, a cloud of smoke patterns excited by a sound wave, is printed negative and positive on the front and the back, respectively. When the two sides are aligned around the transparent vinyl, a unique, ghostly effect occurs.

Composed by Michael Pisaro

Produced by Jason Grier & Michael Pisaro
Directed by Heidi Petty

Recording: Jason Kick, @ Studio Paradiso, San Francisco
Mastering: Sounds Awful Good, Los Angeles (http://soundsawfulgood.com)
Cover Design: Adam Raymont

Vocals: Julia Holter, Janet Kim, Lisa Tolentino
Violin: Laena Myers-Ionita
Guitars: Jason Grier
Michael Pisaro
Rob Esler: Percussion
Flute: Kelly Coates
Bass: Laura Steenberge
Viola: Cassia Streb
Piano: Tashi Wada
Harmonium: Julia Holter, Tashi Wada

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