[B-U-S: Call for Radio Work for Radius Broadcasts]

This edition of [Beyond the Upstate Soundscape] focuses on Chicago-based group Radius, which has put out a call to fellow radio and transmission artists for work to be broadcast by Radius on their “experimental radio broadcast platform.” See details below.

From Rhizone website:

Call for Radio Work

Radius is accepting submissions for our 2013 broadcast schedule. Radius accepts submissions for upcoming episodes on an ongoing basis.

Radius features a new project monthly with statements by artists who use radio as a primary element in their work. Radius provides artists with live and experimental formats in radio programming. The goal is to support work that engages the tonal and public spaces of the electromagnetic spectrum.

All audio works are broadcasted locally on 88.9-FM with a secondary stream online.

To be considered for review, please submit the following material:

Artist/group name
Title of work
Work statement
Artist/group biography
Audio (WAV preferred)
Image (300 dpi preferred)

For a mailing address to send CDs, cassettes, vinyl or any other physical formats, email us.

Email: info@theradius.us

Website: http://theradius.us
SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/groups/theradius
Twitter: http://twitter.com/the_radius
Facebook: http://facebook.com/thetheradius



More on Radius’s Sketchpad Series that broadcasts on Free103Point9 from Radius website

Sketchpad is an ongoing monthly radio program produced for free103point9. free103point9 is a nonprofit arts organization based in New York State that defines and cultivates the genre of Transmission Art by promoting artists who make work with, for, and about the electromagnetic spectrum.

The Sketchpad program features a re-broadcast of previous Radius episodes. Each episode is followed by a playlist of works selected by that episode’s artist. The series seeks to highlight the peripheral work that influences the research and production of the episode.


Sketchpad broadcasts every fourth Saturday of the month from 2pm – 3pm EST on free103point9’s FM radio station WGXC 90.7-FM.

WGXC: 90.7-FM Hands-on-Radio is a community radio station and media project for Greene and Columbia counties in upstate New York, USA.

Visit the WGXC 90.7-FM program schedule here.


Sketchpad is archived at free103point9’s Transmission Arts Archive. The Transmission Arts Archive is an evolving online resource, a book, as well as a physical Study Center located in upstate New York.

12/22/2012 – Desh & Ekis (forthcoming)

11/24/2012 – Radio Cegeste (MP3 & PDF)

10/27/2012 – Rob Ray (MP3 & PDF)

09/22/2012 – Damon Loren Baker (MP3 & PDF)

08/25/2012 – Emilie Mouchous & A.J. Cornell (MP3 & PDF)

07/28/2012 – Imaginary Forces (MP3 & PDF)

06/23/2012 – Gregory Chatonsky (MP3 & PDF)

05/26/2012 – Sara Pinheiro (MP3 & PDF)

04/28/2012 – Mutant Beatniks (MP3 & PDF)

03/24/2012 – HMBKR (MP3 & PDF)

02/25/2012 – Jeff Gburek (MP3 & PDF)

01/28/2012 – Harold Schellinx (MP3 & PDF)

12/24/2011 – Noé Cuéllar (MP3 & PDF)

11/26/2011 – Osvaldo Cibils (MP3 & PDF)

10/22/2011 – Sturqen (MP3 & PDF)

09/24/2011 – Anton Mobin & Denis McCarty (MP3 & PDF)

08/27/2011 – C.R. Kasprzyk (MP3 & PDF)

07/23/2011 – Art of Failure (MP3 & PDF)

06/25/2011 – Andy Ortmann (MP3 & PDF)

05/28/2011 – Margaret Noble (MP3 & PDF)

04/23/2011 – Michael Woody (MP3 & PDF)

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