[Archive 01.30.12 ft. Guest Host, Ay Fast]

The Upstate Soundscape, 1.30.13

1) Si Begg, “Marid Gras Bomber”
2) Mad Professor, “German Magic”
3) Art of Noise, “Movements in Love (Beaten)”
4) Lazor Sword, “Told Y’all”
5) Ammon Contact, “Segal (Daedalus Mix)”
6) Black Dice, “Trip Dude Delay”
7) Ovaca, “Ecstatic Feeling”
8) Kid 606, “My Kitten Went to London”
9) Outkast, “Intro”
10) Deep Burial, “Gimme that Wine”
11) Mouse on Mars, “Polaroyced”
12) Electric Company, “Un Polvo”
13) Chaos AD, “Psultan Pt. 1”
14) Bogdan Raczynski, “I Will Eat Your Children”
15) The Avalanches, “Etoh”
16) Glass Candy, “Geto Boys”
17) Team Doyobi, “Brutal Deluxe”
18) Bee Mask, “Pink Drink”
19) Sa-Ra Creative Partners, “Timeless Continuum”
20) Cabbage Boy, “Vender Food”
21) Tax Man, “I Need Some Money”
22) Auto Poises, “C [] edit”
23) Subjex, “Traps of Perception” (Schematic)
24) Otto Van Schirach, “Laptops and Martinis” (Schematic)
25) Crash Course in Science, “No More Hallow Doors” (Schematic)
26) Dino Fellipe, “Sexual Boats (Guitars Float)” (Schematic)
27) Juan Telway, “Is this Love?” (Schematic)
28) Delarosa and Asora, “Paz Suite 3” (Schematic)
29) Joe Lentini, “Johnny Freestyle” (Schematic)

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