[Archive 3.13.13]


1) Transmuteo, “A Motivational Holography Suite” Transmuteo LP (Aguirre)
2) Andrew Pekler, “Candles” Cover Versions (Senufo Editions)
3) Zs, “Wolf Government” Live on CKUT’s New Shit (Free Music Archive)
4) Cages “Invention of Zero” Blackhole Telepathy
5) Grouper, “Difference (Voices)” The Man Who Died in His Boat (Kranky)
6) Genesis P-Orridge and Z’EV, “Southeast” Direction ov Travel (Cold Spring)
7) Mark Lord, “Freejack City” Killed at 13 (Price Tapes)
8) Luke Moldorf, “Live at the Vault 5.25.12”
9) Proximal, “Motion 2” (Tape Drift)
10) Autecher, “Fleure” Exai (Warp)
11) Lea Bertucci, “Seep” Silent Isle/Lea Bertucci Split
12) Silent Isle, “Live at the Flywheel, Easthampton, MA 11.30.12”
13) Charles Gordon, “Resuscitate” S/T
14) Chapels, “Lung”

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