[Archive 1.22.14]

The Upstate Soundscape, 1.15.14




Nicholas Szczepanik, “(excerpt)” Not Knowing (Desire Path Recordings)

In studio Mix:
Lea Bertucci, Unlabled CD-R
Mountains, “Side B” Etchings (Thrill Jockey)
NAISA, “Eric Powell – Art’s Birthday 2014”
Audio.NL, “Gok”
High Aura’d,  Mooncusser (YDLMIER)
Bryce Hackford, “Run-On Circus” Fair (Prah)
Dr. Claire Weeks, “Fear of Leaving the Safety of Home” Hope and Help for Your Nerves (
Unknown CD-R
Astral Social Club, “Sunrise Year End mix”
3) Ludo Mich, “Moonshine (excerpt)” No Qu Tche Boo Boo Parity (House of Alchemy)
4) Tina Pearson, “Voicing the Widow Jane Mind: Dolomite Scan”
5) Bobby Beausoleil, “Side A (excerpt)” The Orb (Black Moss)
6) Christina Vantzou, “Going Backwards to Discover that Which was Left Behind” No.2 (Kranky)

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