[Archive 1.14.15]

The Upstate Soundscape, 1.14.15


1) Mike Cooper and Chris Abrahams, “Trace 1” Trace (Al Maslakh Records)
2) Pan American, “Rue Corridor” Sketch for Winter II (Geographic North)
3) Andrew Pekler, “Vertical Gardens” Cue (Kranky)
4) Dan Melchior, “Happiness is Overrated (excerpt)” (Ultra Eczema)
5) Tor Lundvall, “January” Yule (Strange Fortune)
6) Arthur Russell, “Hiding Your Present from You” World of Echo (Upside)
7) Alan Watts, “Love You” This is It (Numero Group)
8) Bourbon and Coffee, “Darkness Persists” Dolorous Orc
9) Mark Gergis, “Morning Exercise in the Coded Ether” Radio Vietnam (Sublime Frequencies)
10) Charles Spearing “Marisa” Happiness Project (Arts & Crafts) 2009
11) Lord Tang, “A Giant Blocks Out of the Sun” EP 2 (Alarm)
12) Quintron, “Deer in the Clouds” Sucre Du Sauvage (Goner Records)
13) Craig Leon, “Four Eyes To See the Afterlife” Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1: Nommos/Visiting (RVNG INTL)
14) Bitchin Bajas, “Pieces of Tape” S/T (Drag City)
15) Snake Church, “Dec 19 14 – Excerpt 4”
16) Aaron Dilloway & Jason Lescalleet, “Western Nest” Popeth (Glistening Examples)

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