[Archive 7.9.15 ft. Wooden Cities and Cages]

The Upstate Soundscape, 7.8.15

1) Roland Kayn, “Cybernetics III” (excerpt)
2) Cages, “Devil”
3) Cages, “Dying”
4) Olivia Block, “Opening Night” (excerpt)
5) Ethan Hayden, “…ce dangereux supplement…”
6) Esin Gunduz, “One Who Plants Winds Harvests Storm”
7) Jacob Gotlib, “Ornamental Alphabets”
8) Michael McNeill, “Skies”
9) Zane Merritt, “Hot Cola”
10) Haptic, “Danjon Scale” (except)
11) Cages, “D.I.E.”
12 Cages, “First Seed”
13) Jon Mueller, “Remembered”
14) Jacob Gotlib, “Year Without Summer”
15) Ethan Hayden, “Actually, a little hunchback who was an expert chess player sat inside and guided the puppets hand by means of strings.”
16) Bernard Parmegiani, “Incidents/ Resonances” (excerpts)
17) Cages, “Devil”
18) Cages, “Into Germination”
19) Fudgy, “One Man No Show”

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