[Archive 2.24.15]

The Upstate Soundscape 2.24.16

1) Cavern of Anti-Matter “Tardis cymbals” Void Beats/Invocation Trex (Duophonic)
2) Matmos “Excerpt One” Ultimate Care II (Thrill Jockey)
3) Robert Stillman “As He Walked into the Field” Rainbow (Orindal)
4) Anthony Braxton “Four Sopranos (ZM-F-K)” The Complete Braxton 1971 – Vol. 1 (Freedom)
5) Terry Riley “Part 3” Music for the Gift (Cortical Foundation)
6) Sun Ra “The World Shadow” Featuring Pharaoh Sanders and Black Harold (ESP Disk)
7) Pharaoh Sanders and Alice Coltrane “Shiva-Loka” Classics
8) Nonkeen “This Beautiful Mess” The Gamble (R&S)
9) Dinosaur L “Clean On Your Bean #1” New York Noise (Soul Jazz)
10) Jib Kidder “Melt Me” Teaspoon to the Ocean (Weird World)

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