[Archive 3.30.16. ft Guest Host Adam Richards]

The Upstate Soundscape 3.30.16

1) Moolah “Crystal Waters” Woe Ye Demons Possessed (Atman Music & Recordings)
2) The Pyramids “Queen of the Spirits part 3” Music of Idris Ackamoor 1971-2004 (Em Records)
3) rmillis “Awaj Arepo” Relief (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
4) Mickey Hart “The Chase” Rolling Thunder (Grateful Dead Records)
5) Part Wild Horses on Both Sides “Side B (excerpt)” Poisson (MIE Music)
6) Tilth “Prairie Waltz” Country Music (Round Bale Recordings)
7) Danny Oxenberg & Bear Galvin “You Can Take A Bird But You Can’t Make it Sing” Late Superimpositions (Three Four Records)
8) Anthony Pasquarosa “The Hue of Morning Light” Morning Meditations (Vin Du Select Qualitite)
9) Robbie Basho “Pavan Hindustan” Bashovia (Takoma)
10) Henry Flynt “Jumping” New American Ethnic Music Vol. 2 Spindizzy (Recorded)
11) On A Clear Day “Verein” Photo 51 (Robert & Leopold)
12) Rambutan “Out on a Limb” Rambutan/Chapels Split (Stunned Records)
13) Rod Summers “Rat Sense” Voooxing Poooetre: International Record of Sound Poetry (Recital Twelve)
14) Sun Ra “The Outers” Calling Planet Earth (ORG Music)
15) Joe McPhee and Graham Lambkin “(Excerpt)” Chance Meeting
16) Calhau! “Manada” U (Kraak)
17) Vanessa Rossetto “Elysian Fields” KSE 10th Anniversary Album (Kenrda Steiner Editions)
18) ENPSE “Madrigali Con Voci e Strumenti” Vai!Vai!Vai!/Concetti (Astral Spirits)
19) Malcolm Goldstein “But One Bird Sang Not” Full Circle Sounding (Kye Records)
20) East of the Valley Blues “Sobrio” S/T

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