[Archive 6.8.16]

The Upstate Soundscape 6.8.16

1) William Tyler “The Great Unwind” Modern Country (Merge)
2) Bill MacKay & Ryley Walker “Gold Season” Land of Plenty (Whistler Records)
3 Trad, Gras och Stenar “Tidgit Om Morgenon” Trad, Gras och Stenar (Decibel Records)
4) Iasos “The Angels of Comfort” Celestial Soul Portrait (Numero Group)
5) MGMT “Future Games” Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac (Hear Music)
6) The Rileys “Estimated Prophet” Day of the Dead (4AD)
7) Dave Harrington Group “The Prophet” Become Alive (Other People)
8) Jason Lescalleet “Complex Nova Systeme”
9) Brian Eno and Robert Fripp “Evensong” Evening Star (E.G. Records)
10) Dirty Beaches “Lord Knows Best”
11) Mike Cooper “Mika Ohe” Rayon Hula (Room 40)

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