The Upstate Soundscape is a radio show that plays experimental music and sound and airs on 91.3 FM WBNY in Buffalo, NY on Wednesday’s from 8-10pm. The show is the re-incarnation of The Soundscape, a show that aired on underground radio station WTF 94.9 Free Radio Buffalo from November 2010 until February 2011. The show moved over to WBNY in May of 2011 and has been there ever since.

Hosted/curated by Buffalo native Needles Numark, The Upstate Soundscape serves as a sounding board for the diverse and thriving experimental community in Buffalo, NY, and the surrounding Western New York, Central New York, and Southern Ontario regions. Every week, The Upstate Soundscape features a heavy dose of underground artists from the regional scene. The show is built and thrives on the contributions of its listeners, so we encourage you to send in your stuff to The Soundscape Group on Soundcloud. The weirder the better!

And of course, The Upstate Soundscape will always mix in the best new and classic experimental, ambient, drone, lo-fi, psychedelic, noise, avant-garde music and sound art from around the world to keep Upstate listeners up to date on what the rest of the world is up to in the experimental sound arts.

If you’re a label, artists, or promoter and you want to get your recordings on the air or on the blog, or if you are a listener that has a suggestion or comment, feel free to email the show at upstatesoundscape@gmail.com or the show’s host, Needles, at needles949@gmail.com. Feedback is always appreciated.


1) What is The Upstate Sounscape’s review policy?

At this time we are only reviewing releases (cassettes, LPs, CDs, digital, etc.) by artists from the Upstate region and/or releases put out by Upstate labels. See question 5 for details on how to submit recordings.

2) What is the Upstate Soundscape’s critical agenda?

Unlike more conventional music blogs, we are not interested ranking, grading, or other subjective critical gimmicks that masquerade as authoritative statements on culture. Our review section functions in a more curatorial vein and is intended to expose our audience to the quality experimental recordings coming out of our Upstate region. Simple as that. Furthermore, we hope that by applying criticism in a regional context we will foster awareness, dialogue, and growth of experimental community within the Upstate region.

See our [Mission Statement] for a more detailed explanation.

3) I sent in my release, but it never got reviewed. Does that mean it sucks?

No. If your release doesn’t get reviewed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we didn’t like it. Unfortunately a lot of great releases don’t get reviewed due to time constraints.

Here’s how it works. . .

Every month or so, our writers are presented with a master list that contains 20-30 possible releases to review. The writers can sample the recordings and if they hear anything they like they can write a review on it. Unfortunately  a lot of releases go unreviewed since the writers are not required to choose something from the list.

4) Does The Upstate Soundscape accept submissions from artists and/or labels from outside the Upstate region?

Yes! While they won’t get reviewed, all submissions are considered for airplay and we also have a blog post that focuses on music and sound from outside the Upstate region called [Beyond the Upstate Soundscape]. 

5) How do I send music in for airplay and/or blog coverage?

There are several ways.

-You can upload a single track to our Soundscape Group on Soundcloud.

-You can send a digital file to upstatesoundscape@gmail.com

-You can mail physical copies. Email upstatesoundscape@gmail.com for an address

-You can send us a link to your Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc. with a download code.

6) I’d like to write reviews for The Upstate Soundscape.

Awesome. Shoot us an email with a writing sample and a list of your 5 favorite releases of all time. We’ll be in touch.

7) Can anyone serve as guest host for the radio show?

Sort of. Generally, the offer is extended to people who have some sort of radio experience and/or a demonstrated involvement in the Upstate experimental scene. If you’re really interested in doing it, email upstatesoundscape@gmail.com. No guarantees though. We can’t bring just anyone into the WBNY studio.

7) Can anyone  submit a [Soundmark] post?

Absolutely. Email upstatesoundscape@gmail.com for more info.

8) I’m an artists who is on tour and looking to play a show in the Upstate region. Can you help setting up a gig?

Maybe. First, check out our [Venues, Promoters, Festivals, etc] sidebar. You can probably find a few leads in there. Also check out the Facebook Group the Upstate Underground Circuit. You can get an idea of where people are currently playing around the region and who is setting up the shows. You could also post your info and when you’re looking to play and see if anybody responds. If you still need help, shoot us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

9) I’m an artist who is performing in the Upstate region. Will you plug my show?

Sure. Send us the details and we’ll post it to the [events] page and mention it on the air. Also, if you have music on the internet available for free download we can do a [Free Music Friday] post on you as a way to plug the show. Just send a link with the info.

10) Is the Upstate Soundscape on any Social Networks?








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