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[Archive 9.7.16]


1) Klauss Schulze and Rainer Bloss “Katowice (excerpt)” Dziekuie Poland Live ’83 (Innovative Communication)
2) JD Emmanuel “Adrift in the Gamma Quadrant” Time Traveler (Aguirre)
3) Don Slepian “Glimmerings” Electronic Music from the Rainbow Island (self released)
4) Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith “First Flight” EARS (Western Vinyl)
5) Freeform “Craving for Grey” Condesened (Nonplace)
6) Can “Aumgn (excerpt)” Tago Mago (Spoon)

[Archive 8.10.16]

The Upstate Soundscape 8.10.16

1) Tangents “Oberon” Stateless (Temporary Residence)
2) Dave Harrington Group “Cities of the Red Night” Become Alive (Other People)
3) Annabel (lee) “Invisible Barriers” By the Sea and other Solitary Places (If Music)
4) Group 1850 “!?” Paradise Now (Discofoon)
5) Fifty Foot Hose “Cauldron” Cauldron (Limelight)
6) Broadcast and the Focus Group “Inside Out” Study Series 4: Familiar Shapes and Noises (Ghost Box)
7) Stereolab “Tempter” Lo Boob Oscillator Single
8) Noveller “Glacial Wave” Glacial Glow (Saffron Recordings)
9) Ian William Craig “The Nearness” Centres (130701)
10) Craig Leon “Visiting” Early Electronic Works (RVNG Intl)
11) Eno, Moebius, Roedelius “The Belldog” After the Heat (Sky Records)
12) Agitation Free “Sahara City” Malesch (Vertigo)

[Archive 7.13.16]

The Upstate Soundscape 7.13.16

1) Black Dice “Creature” Creature Comforts (DFA)
2) Old Time Relijun “Snowstorm in Milano” Varieties of Religious Experience (K)
3) Annette Peacock “I’m the One” I’m the One (RCA)
4) Fridge “Oram” The Sun (Text Records)
5) Tortoise “The Clearing Fills” The Catastrophist (Thrill Jockey)
6) Master Wilburn Burchette “Raising the Pyramid of Power” Guitar Grimoire (Burchette Brothers Productions)
7) Peals “Blue Elvis” Walking Field (Thrill Jockey)
8) Mike Cooper “Kokoe Nalu” Rayon Hula (Room 40)
9) Huerco S. “On the Embankment” For Those of You Who . . . (Proibito)
10) Vinyl Williams “Xol Rumi” Into (Company Records)
11) Deakin “Just Am” Sleep Cycle (My Animal Home)
12) Dave Harrington Group “All I Can do” Become Alive (Other People)

[Archive 7.6.16]

The Upstate Soundscape 7.5.16

1) Sunpath “Snowflake Dragon (excerpt)” Yasamin and the Snowflake Dragon (Leaving Records)
2) Agitation Free “A Queit Walk” 2nd (Vertigo)
3) Silver Apples “Confusion” Contact (Kapp)
4) Jean-Luc Ponty “Music for the Electric Violin and Low Budget Orchestra” King Kong :Plays the Music of Frank Zappa (Pacific Jazz Records)
5) Saqqara Mastabas “The Cosmeticians Knife” Libras (Joyful Noise Recordings)
6) Neu! “Danzing” Neu! ’86 (Gronland Records)
7) Francis Bebey “Sahel” African Electronic Music 1975-1982 (Born Bad Records)
8) Suicide “Mr. Ray- Live A CBGBs” Suicide – Bonus Disc (Red Star)
9) Man Forever, So Percussion, and Oneida “Drums -> Space” Day of the Dead (4AD)
10) Chicago “Free Form Guitar” Chicago Transit Authority (Columbia)
11) Art Ensemble of Chicago “Get in Line” A Jackson in Your House (BYG Actuel)
12) Sun Ra “Voice of Space” Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy (El Saturn Records)
13) Alice Coltrane “Battle of Armageddon” Universal Consciousness (Impulse! Records)

[Archive 6.22.16]

The Upstate Soundscape 6.22.16

1) Harmonia and Eno ’76 “Atmosphere” Tracks and Traces (Gronland Records)
2) Faust “Giggy Smile” Faust IV (Virgin )
3) Silver Apples “You’re Not Fooling Me” Contact (Kapp)
4) The Mothers of Invention “It Can’t Happen here” Freak Out! (Verve Records)
5) Grateful Dead “What’s Become of the Baby” Aoxomoxa (Warner Bros)
6) Deakin “Footy” Sleep Cycle (My Animal Home)
7) Dave Harrington Group “Becoming Alive” Becoming Alive (Other People)
8) Jaco Pastorius “Crisis” Anthology (Warner Bros)
9) Miles Davis “Feio” Bitches Brew (Columbia Records)
10) Africane 808 “The Awakening” Basar (Golf Channel Recordings)
11) Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras Meets the Congos “Thanks and Praise” FRKWYS Vol. 9 (RVNG Intl)
12) Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band “Kandy Korn” The Mirror Man Sessions (Buddah Records)
13) Can “Dizzy Dizzy” Live Music 1971-1977 (Spoon Records)
14) Pink Floyd “Quicksilver” More (Columbia)
15) Trad, Gras, Och Stenar “Svarta Parla” Trad, Gras Och Stenar (Decibel Records)

[Archive 6.8.16]

The Upstate Soundscape 6.8.16

1) William Tyler “The Great Unwind” Modern Country (Merge)
2) Bill MacKay & Ryley Walker “Gold Season” Land of Plenty (Whistler Records)
3 Trad, Gras och Stenar “Tidgit Om Morgenon” Trad, Gras och Stenar (Decibel Records)
4) Iasos “The Angels of Comfort” Celestial Soul Portrait (Numero Group)
5) MGMT “Future Games” Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac (Hear Music)
6) The Rileys “Estimated Prophet” Day of the Dead (4AD)
7) Dave Harrington Group “The Prophet” Become Alive (Other People)
8) Jason Lescalleet “Complex Nova Systeme”
9) Brian Eno and Robert Fripp “Evensong” Evening Star (E.G. Records)
10) Dirty Beaches “Lord Knows Best”
11) Mike Cooper “Mika Ohe” Rayon Hula (Room 40)

[Archive 6.1.16]

The Upstate Soundscape 6.1.16

1) Bardo Pond, Acid Mothers Temple, and Guru Guru “Blue” Acid Guru Pond (Fire Records)
2) Can “Pinch” Ege Bamyasi (United Artists)
3) Causa Sui “Portixeddu” Summer Session Vol. 1 (Elektrohasch Records)
4) Nightfall of Diamonds, “Nightfall of Diamonds” Day of the Dead (4AD)
5) Richard Dawson “The Vile Stuff” Nothing Important (Weird World)
6) Animal Collective “People” People (Fat Cat Records)
7) Klara Lewis “Too” Too (Editions Mego)
8) Huerco S “The Sacred Dance” For Those of You Who Never Have (And Also Those Who Have) (Proibito)
9) Arthur Russell “Sketch for the Face of Helen” First Thought Best Thought (Audika)
10) Cluttertones “Enero” Ordinary Joy (Healing Power Records)
11) Cornelius “Nowhere” Point (Matador)
12) Zach Cooper “Stillness” The Sentence (Styles Upon Styles)
13) Phillip Glass “Vessels” Koyaanisqatsi OST (Antilles)