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[Free Music Friday: Ric Royer + G. Lucas Crane, ‘Dark Cabinet of the Strange Weird’]

In honor of Halloween, here is Ric Royer and G. Lucas Crane’s fantastically creepy Dark Cabinet of the Strange Weird. 

Here is the description from Eshe Records websiteFor their Ehse Records release Dark Cabinet of the Strange Weird Ric Royer and G Lucas Crane offer their take on the radio ghost story and other dramatic frights that combine spoken narrative and audio terrors. Royer and Crane take the art of the scary story to new dimensions and extremes as they mix Royer’s surreal tales of the darkly humorous macabre with Crane’s intensely terrifying soundscapes. 

Free download courtesy of the Free Music Archive.

[Free Music Friday: Buildings and Mountains Live in Binghamton]

From Bandcamp site:

Recorded Live 6.16.11 @ Bazooka/Bazooka_ 34 Jarvis St. Binghamton 

Much thanks to: Talk Normal, BEES///, Underground River and Devin Brown at Bazooka/Bazooka

released 01 July 2011 
Andris Balins-Guitar, Kalimba, echolution, 4 track engineering 

Casey Ruland- Circuit bent roland 707, ohnoho bleet box, memory boy (electro harmonix), theremin, kaos pad, poly octave generator(electro harmonix) 

Micha- Arp Axxe, baldwin discoverer, Guyatone, distortion (danelectro), beaten metal percussion, circuit bent Book. 

“It’s like I am flying through space, only really slow.” – quote from spectator @ show.

[Free Music Friday: G. Lucas Crane and Aki Onda, ‘Live at the Stone’]

From GLC’s Soundcloud site: Epic collaboration set between G Lucas Crane and Aki Onda. Double tape diary unforgotten memory set. Like watching two simultaneous versions of Krapps Last Tape performed in the unspool room at sony headquarters. DEEP TAPE COLLAGE. Live performance at The Stone in New York City, September 9th 2012. Record this track onto a tape and walk around a city starting at a street fair for full effect.

[Free Music Friday: Torus Live @ the Bug Jar]

Next week Rochester trio Torus will head out on a short tour, bringing their distinct brand of dungeon improv to Rochester, Buffalo, Cleveland, and Akron. They’ll also have their new tape, Solid State, on sale at their shows. See dates below.

Here is a recording from a show last year on the band’s home turf at Rochester’s Bug Jar to get you ready. Enjoy.

Upcoming Torus shows:

Oct. 10th @ Bug Jar, Rochester NY

Oct. 11th @ The Vault, Buffalo NY

Oct. 12th @ Black Cat Factory, Cleveland OH

Oct. 13th @ Rubber City Noise Cave, Akron OH

[Free Music Friday: Gutpole, ‘Pole of Guts’]


Jim Abramson – traps

Pat Cain – amplified saxophone, electronics

Scott Valkwitch – el. bass, oscillator

Recorded Live @ The Vault, Buffalo, NY 09.25.2012


[Free Music Friday: Cinnamon Aluminum and Yes Yes, ‘It’s a Hundred Years Old]

Back in April when Cinnamon Aluminum came on the radio show, they played a very interesting track off a long-gestating collaborative album with Yes Yes that is now finally seeing the light of day.

Each of the songs on the album is a different improvised chant presented in very raw form without any sort of overdubbing or post-production. The result is a very intimate record of three dudes collectively riffing, while having an all around blast. Fans of Cinnamon Aluminum will also hear familiar melodies and lines that would later end up as full blown Cinnamon Aluminum songs. Good stuff indeed.

[Free Music Friday: My Apocalypse]

Here are some recordings from an exhibition that took place in Rochester this past June. According to the Tumblr siteMy Apocalypse  was “a group exhibition of local, national, and international artists held in Rochester, New York. The curatorial focus of the show brings together seemingly disparate works of art with the conceit that the end is coming or underway.”

From Bandcamp site:

released 08 July 2012 

Chris Heath 
Travis Johansen 
Mike Turzanski 
Peter Lazarski 
Matt Ely 

Live recording mixed and mastered by Cory Card 

Exhibition curated by Nick Marshall