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[Mixed Up Monday: Aidan Baker, ‘Needle Exchange 112’]

Here is a mix from Nadja member and Toronto expat Aidan Baker. Now living and working out of Berlin, Baker made this mix for the Self-Titled Daily website last autumn.

Aidan Baker of Nadja – Needle Exchange 112:
1. Neil Young – Guitar Solo One (Dead Man Soundtrack)
2. Swans – Mother Of The World (The Seer)
3. Stereolab – Jenny Ondioline (edit) (Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements)
4. My Bloody Valentine – Cigarette In Your Bed (You Made Me Realize EP)
5. Nico – Frozen Warnings (The Marble Index)
6. Thrones – Obolus (Sperm Whale)
7. Bailter Space – Hard Wired (Thermos)
8. Trans Am – Carboforce (Surrender To The Night)
9. The Flaming Lips – The Sparrow Looks Up At The Machine (Embryonic)
10. Public Image Ltd – Flowers Of Romance (Flowers Of Romance)
11. Wendy Carlos – Rocky Mountains (The Shining Soundtrack)
12. Angelo Badalamenti – Moving Through Time (Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me Soundtrack)

From Self-Titled Daily website:

Summers in Berlin are pretty quiet.

Autumns are busy; I was on the road in October for three weeks doing a solo tour with Noveller and later this week, Leah and I head out for a two week Nadja tour to promote our new record, Dagdrøm, which we are releasing on our own label, Broken Spine Productions (with some kind assistance from Badabing RecordsDekor Labor, and Bis Auf’s Messer). These last few months I’ve been busy rehearsing, mixing and mastering new material, assembling record sleeves, packaging up mailorders, installing art exhibitions, trying to find the time to see other people play shows and, of course, playing my own shows.

I’m not complaining; it’s good to be busy. But my mental focus and energies are maybe a little bit scattered…and maybe that’s reflected in my disparate choice of tunes in this mix. But these are all bands and songs that I’ve been listening to recently for whatever reason—mixing heaviness and spaciousness, wistfulness and aggression, whimsy and seriousness—and corresponding to a mercurial time, place, and season…

 Nadja has a new album out too that just got a good review in Pitchfork. 

[Mixed Up Monday: SlowPitch, ‘Stathic.One-Birth Point’]

Great mix here from SlowPitch, experimental turntablist extraordinaire out of Toronto.

1. Linear Bells . Road N_4 |
2. Biblo . Soon Well Meet |
3. Austra . The Beast (SlowPitch Remix)
4. Dan Hayhurst (Sculpture) .  Autophyte |
5. 91Fellows . Noon Sleeps |
6. SlowPitch . Brain Test Mantra |
7. A.M. Architect . Pools Of Light (SlowPitch Remix)

From SlowPitch site: This first creative blend includes imaginative transitions designed and narrated by myself. It also includes music from some of my favourite artists.

[Mixed Up Monday: ghost_father, mix viii]

Here is the eighth installment of the always surprising mix series from Buffalo’s ghost_father and it is perhaps the most eclectic yet. At times glitchy, at other times soulful, afropop gives way to hypnagogic pop while swirling beats melt into waterfalls of synths. Mixing is top-notch as usual. No tracklisting provided this time around. Oh well. Enjoy it anyway.

[Mixed Up Monday: Zuihitsu, ‘Cracked Earth Vol. I’]

Sick mix here from Rochester’s Zuihitsu. Hopefully, more to follow. Thanks to Cory for the headsup. Enjoy.

1. Deo Gratias, Johannes Ockeghem (Huelgas Ensemble with Paul Van Nevel, Utopia Triumphans: The Great Polyphony of the Renaissance, Sony, 1995)
2. Departing, Panabrite (The Baroque Atrium, Preservation, 2012)
3. Music for a Moiré Pattern, Steve Hauschildt (Tragedy & Geometry, Kranky, 2011)
4. Chrome Decadence, Ricardo Donoso (Progress Chance, Digitalis, 2011)
5. Cercle, Kangding Ray (Monad XI, Stroboscopic Artefacts, 2012)
6. Into Night, Vestals (Forever Falling Toward The Sky, Root Strata, 2012)
7. Jemsheed, Ayshay (Warn-U, Tri Angle, 2011)
8. Forest Forever, Austin Cesear (Cruise Forever, Public Information, 2012)
9. Come See, Belong (Common Era, Kranky, 2011)
10. Grayscale, Jonwayne (Thanks, Bro, Unreleased, 2011)
11. Into Warmer Air, Hildur Guðnadóttir (Without Sinking, Touch, 2009)
12. Equivalence of the Thirteen, Ricardo Donoso (Assimilating the Shadow, Digitalis, 2012)
13. Pruitt Igoe (Alva Noto Remodel), Kangding Ray (Pruitt Igoe, Raster-Noton, 2010)
14. Chimeras, Tim Hecker (Harmony in Ultraviolet, Kranky, 2006)
15. Time Spent, Deaf Center (Owl Splinters, Type, 2011)

Recorded live in Rochester on the late evening of 5 October 2012.

[Mixed Up Monday: Ghost Father, Mix VI]

Panabrite – Index of Gestures
Steve Hauschildt – Too Short A Season
John Talabot – Depak Ine
Oefening Kunstbaardt – Body By Tarzan
Frak – Beat Dyslexia
Actress – Ascending
Rainbow Arabia – Harlem Sunrise
Obeng Ungu & Alan Buntu – Rabu
Emeralds – Double Helix
Daniele Baldelli – Cosmic Parsley
Doldrums – Lost In My Head
Sewn Leather – Hemophiliac
Cabaret Voltaire – Sluggin Fer Jesus
Chbb – Go Go Go
The Human League – The Things That Dreams Are Made Of (Original Dub Edit)
JR Seaton – She Had A Wing
J.O.Y. – Sunplus (DFA Remix)
Les Georges Leningrad – Georges Five
Gramme – Telephone Me
Unicorn Hard-On – Vaux’s Swift
The Beatles – Penny Lane (Overdub Session)
Ches Smith – Turn Your iPod Into A Car..

[Mixed Up Monday: New Directions Radio, 93.3 CFMU, 5/2/12]

Check out this recent New Directions radio show from Hamilton’s CFMU. The show was on hiatus for awhile but is back and worth checking out. Great stuff.

Live Guest: No Shoes + One Sock (Hamilton, ON)

New Order – Ceremony (from The Western Works Demos)
Acid Maso Temple (Acid Mothers Temple and Massona) – Drug Death Driver (from The Eletric Kool-Aid Acid Results
Moon Duo – A Little Way Different (from Welcome Home, Diggin the Universe: A Woodsist Compilation)
Afterlife – Stand By (from Transmissions CS on Maggot Valley)
Jakob Olausson – When Your Bridges Burn (from Morning & Sunrise)
Grouper – Desdemona
Daniel Bishop – Goldmine Between Her Thighs (from The |Serpentine Walk-Up Call)
Woods – Be There (from Find Them/Be There 7″)

[Mixed Up Monday: Heiki Sillaste, ‘Quiet Drones 3’]

Here is a nice mix that was posted to the Soundcloud group. Perfect to chill out to while winter rears its ugly head for the last time (hopefully). Third compilation in the Quiet Drones series, these tracks have been mixed into one long continuous mega mix by  Heiki Sillaste, head of Toronto label Paper + Sound. 

01 Chromosphere: Fundamental State (Stasis Mix)
02 Noise Level: The Zen Room (Chan Fang)
03 Heiki: Government Island (Live @ ping)
04 Kinder Atom: Naked Mask (Masque Nue)
05 Chromosphere vs. Heiki: Past Tense
06 naw: 13 Stories High (Redux)

Individual tracks are available on iTunes

Released by: Paper+Sound 
Release/catalogue number: pps14
Release date: Jan 1, 11111
ISRC: 85-970-63-70302

[Mixed Up Monday: Ghost Father, Mix V]

Here is the latest mix from Buffalo’s Ghost Father. As usual, Ghost Father blends interesting, eclectic beats with off-kilter and strange sounding tracks from all sorts of different genres. Superbly mixed and highly adventurous. Enjoy.

Also, you can see Ghost Father perform this Friday as one half of UVB-76 at Hallwalls. UVB-076 will perform Kraftwerk’s The Man Machine as part of the ongoing Kraftwerkers of Buffalo series.

[Mixed Up Monday: Off the International Radar, Ep. 4 Music Post-Mortem]

OTIR at Toronto's Wavelength Fest, Feb. '12

Here is a mix from Toronto group Off the International Radar. The kraut-influenced postrock outfit puts together podcasts and post them to their website for free download. This one is volume 4 from Winter of 2011 and is titled, ‘Episode 4: Music Post-Mortem.” This mix was also used by the blog as the eight installment for its own mix series.

Regardless, its a cool mix with a lot of twists and turns. Enjoy. Vol. 8
01. Cyclist – Prime Cut (0:00)
02. Oneohtrix Point Never – Stress Waves (6:39)
03. John Baker – Factors (12:12)
04. Alessi Brothers – Seabird (12:39)
05. Jean Claude Vannier – L’enfant Au Royaume Des Mouches (15:46)
06. Au Pairs – Armagh (19:42)
07. Led Er Est – CC Exit (23:12)
08. The Sight Below – Dour (27:26)
09. Alain Goraguer – Deshominisation I (31:46)
10. Bernard Fevre – Restless (35:31)
11. Matrix Metals – Flamingo Breeze (excerpt) (37:44)
12. Here We Go Magic – Fangela (41:28)
13. Steve Thomsen – Autopia (46:55)
14. Wall of Voodoo – Lost Weekend (49:32)
15. Polyrock – Cries and Whispers (54:25)
16. The Walker Brothers – Shut Out (57:50)
17. Oh No Ono – Swim (1:00:34)
18. Group Doueh – Cheyla Ya Hiuune (1:05:06)
19. Broadcast – Black Cat (1:10:11)
20. Woo – Don’t Delay (1:14:03)
21. James Pants – A Chip in the Hand (1:18:02)
22. Gerry Rafferty – Right Down the Line (1:20:53)
23. Delia Derbyshire – Time To Go (1:25:15)

[Mixed Up Monday: Orphx, Live @ Mutek]

Here is a mix from Hamilton duo Orphx that was recorded at Montreal’s Mutek festival in 2010. On the surface, Orphx’s music and mixes (which generally consist of primarily their own songs) might sound like a darker more industrial take on  traditional techno. Their inclusion in the Mutek festival though should clue you in to what those familiar with this duo already know–there is a lot more going on in their mixes then what you will hear in most other “electronic dance music” mixes.

Check their description from their soundcloud site below:

Since the mid-1990s, Rich Oddie and Christina Sealey have been creating a unique fusion of techno, industrial, and electro-acoustic music. Using modular and analog synthesizers, software, feedback circuits, location recordings and homemade instruments, Oddie and Sealey draw upon the darker tendencies of techno, electro, and dub, and combine these elements with the experimental aesthetics of early industrial music. Orphx has gained an international following as one of the pioneering acts within the European “rhythmic noise” scene. They have performed in numerous countries around the world, appearing alongside artists such as Alva Noto, Laurie Anderson, Monolake, Pan Sonic and many others. Oddie and Sealey have also collaborated on audio / visual projects and exhibitions related to their musical work. Orphx have released nine full length albums and numerous singles on vinyl, cd and cassette. Their most recent work further develops a dark hybrid of techno, dub and industrial that has garnered critical acclaim from many of techno’s leading DJs.