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[Visually Sound Sunday: Jason Lescalleet, Live at Temple]

Here is a performance by Jason Lescalleet, an artist who we will be performing Monday (5/6) at the Vault in Buffalo. If this video anything like what we might be in for on Monday night, one this is clear…..bring your earplugs.

[Visually Sound Sunday: Jacob Gotlib’s ‘Portrait Sequence (Blanching Out)’]

Here is the video from the recent performance of a cool percussion piece written by University at Buffalo composition student Jacob Gotlib. Portrait Sequence (Blanching Out) was performed by the Crossfire Duo (Bob Fullex and Jason Bauers). You can also check out the score and other info for this piece here. 


[Visually Sound Sunday: Nue Nue, ‘Live at the Cloud Club’]

 Upstate Soundscape favorite Skeleton Zoo, an electronic sample-happy duo out of Albany, has joined forces with Tristan Allen and Faust Ghoul to form Nue Nue, collective of like-minded experimental musicians.

 Nue Nue recently held their debut performance together in Boston at the Cloud Club. Below is a video of that performance.


[Visually Sound Sunday: Michael Snow, ‘Wavelength’]

Still from 'Wavelength'

Here is a LINK to the 1967 film Wavelength by Canadian filmmaker Michael Snow. Snow is one of the many artists being spotlighted in the new Albright-Knox exhibition ‘Wish You Were Here: The Buffalo Avant-Garde in the 1970s.’ 

The Albright-Knox is also hosting a ‘Wish Your Were Here’ symposium today. See the schedule below.


1–3 pm
Visual Culture of the 1970s
Moderated by Jonathan Katz, Director, Visual Studies Department, and Doctoral Professor, University at Buffalo


  • Bruce Jackson, SUNY Distinguished Professor and James Agee Professor of American Culture, University at Buffalo
  • Sarah Evans, Assistant Professor, Contemporary Art History, College of Visual and Performing Arts, Northern Illinois University
  • Ellen Carey, artist and Associate Professor, Hartford Art School, University of Hartford
  • Charles Clough, artist

3–4 pm
Coffee Social, AK café 

4–5:30 pm
Trends in Music, Film, Video, and Digital Art in the 1970s
Moderated by Heather Pesanti, Curator, Albright-Knox Art Gallery


  • Renée Levine Packer, author and arts administrator
  • Robert T. Buck, Jr., Director, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, 1973–83
  • Bruce Jenkins, Professor, Department of Film, Video, New Media and Animation, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

[Visually Sound Sunday: Pre-Music Consciousnesses -Going to Cargill ‘S’ 2]

Stumbled on this while doing some research. A couple minutes into the video you’ll see Steve Baczkowski blasting his horn inside the Cargill grain silo found just south of Buffalo. Even over YouTube, the sound is unbelievable. The natural reverb here gives the saxaphone an incredibly haunted and eerie sound that will give you chills. Seriously.

From tuffrod’s youtube channel: Steve [Baczkowski] was telling me that there was abandoned grain elevator where he used to play when he was kid and it had gigantic silo. It must be interesting to make sounds inside of it. but we couldn’t make it for a while. Then one day time has come. should we go to the grain elevator? why not! Riding bicycles carrying big instruments and video cam. 

The refrain of the pastoral phrase by Steve is enhanced by this silo which can be called the remains of the 20th century and reaches the extremity. 

So we were totally beaten by this natural reverberation.

this is series of video that is trying to imagine pre-music field.


[Visually Sound Sunday: Colin Stetson Videos]

Montreal-based saxophonist Colin Stetson will be rolling through Soundlab in Buffalo tonight and EMPAC in Troy this Thursday.

Below are two videos for you; the first show’s Stetson breaking down the structure of his song “Judges,” while the second is the video for “Those Who Didn’t Run.”

Sarah Neufeld of The Arcade Fire and Bell Orchestre will join Stetson tonight as well.

[Visually Sound Sunday: SlowPitch, ‘Improvisations’]

Check out these really cool improvs from Toronto experimental turntablist SlowPitch.

From YouTube:

{to optimize your experience use headphones}
Improvised composition using a turntable, percussion sequencer and effects/looping device by Toronto based turntable artist SlowPitch.

SlowPitch delivers a heavy dose of crackly textures, turntable wobbles and uniquely mesmerizing drones to create lush audio landscapes and euphoric rhythms. Perfect for drawing parties, craft events, book readings, theatre settings, meditation and more.

You can catch SlowPitch performing in the flesh at the Improvisation is Something We Live symposium scheduled to take place in Guelph, Ontario, on Friday, March 30. Check the link for more info.