Cameron Alexander: Cameron is a long-time experimental music enthusiast living in East Otto. He spends his time either parked in front of his computer scouring the internet for crazy music that will drive his wife nuts or hiking through Zoar Valley with his trusted Rottweiler Rocko. He doesn’t have many friends because he is always telling people that their music sucks. He is usually right.

a career in the haw haw haw haw: Traveler, activist, and sound seeker. A career in the haw haw haw haw has spent a lifetime learning and educating which has led to writing about the environment, music and anything in between. Part of the collective Question Everything, helping spread knowledge about happenings in these united states and the greater world we live.

Ailsa Florenza:  A born-and-raised Buffalonian, Ailsa is currently attending school in NYC for Writing and Media Performance at Pratt Institute. She loves all music from Chopin’s finger tinkles to some wildchild bluegrass. Nothing makes her happier than exploring endless amounts of music. Other interests include Settlers of Catan, Lord of the Rings, folklore, and some sun salutations. Follow her on Twitter @a4lenz or holler via email:

Patrick Hosken: Patrick is a senior journalism and English major at St. Bonaventure University and can often be found dancing around in his boxers to Radiohead’s In Rainbows. He runs Someone Else’s Song , a blog about people, music and the beautiful ways they’re intertwined. He’s also graduating in May and hopes to continue writing every day until he physically can’t.

Justin Karcher: Justin is a poet, playwright, and director from Buffalo, NY. His next project is The Dead English, a musical adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  It premieres in Buffalo this October.

Allison LS: Allison listens to lots of music from her new hometown of Toronto, Ontario. She’s currently developing an interactive visual narrative project called re:moved. Find her on Facebook or check out public contributions to the project here.

Cayden Mak: is a native of Michigan who lives in Buffalo and is working on a Master of Fine Arts in media study. He is also a labor organizer and activist. Cayden was raised on a steady diet of classical music, 60s folk, jazz, and Detroit techno, and writes frequently about popular culture, gender identity, the internet, video games, and music. He tweets @cayden.

Liam McManus: Born and raised in Albany, NY, Liam’s favorite kind of pie is strawberry rhubarb and his favorite president is Millard Fillmore. He spends his free time sleeping, eating, collecting antique wooden legs and raising cuttlefish. He is currently writing a biography of Wilford Brimley (owner of the greatest mustache in the world since John Oates shaved his), tentatively titled Where There’s A Wilford, There’s A Way.

Shane Meyer: Shane was once a guitarist for It’s Like Going on Vacation for a Day. He’s now a writer. Email:   Follow: @Shane_C_Meyer.

Jamie Moore: Jamie is an NYC refugee who fled to Upstate New York several years ago after graduating from an expensive college with a useless degree. She has since resided in Buffalo, Ithaca, and has now settled in Utica. Too lazy to start her own music blog, Jamie has written for other ones under various pseudonyms while working on a book about Pauline Oliveros.

Brendan O’Malley: Brendan is a freelance writer from Brampton Ontario. Having worked for a variety of promotion groups and booking agencies, as well as being a musician himself, he enjoys nothing more than discussing the arts. Once upon a time he was a marketing student, but now writing feverishly and playing occasionally take up the vast majority of his time. If you feel inclined to contact him, his email is

Roth’s Child: Roth’s Child is the bio-genetically engineered writer-musician. Our new 2013 model specializes in mined gems and upgraded firmware. The Illuminatus (R) brand Roth’s Child, Unit 23 (PLU #00010111) is the next step in innovation. It slices! It dices! Never before has Rothing been so easy! Download the demo here. Available in Rochester, NY. Void where prohibited. (Warning: Roth’s Child violates local and federal laws).

Fjordin Turlingua: Fjordan is a DJ and graduate student in Buffalo. Sonically bred on the FreeForm stylings of WFMU, his preference is for noise that is unpredictable, whether it be straight pop or syrupy sonic fuzz.  He is always a sucker for motorik.

Taylor WaiteTaylor is originally from Auburn, NY, and is currently a PhD candidate at Syracuse University. In order to cope with the inanity that is the PhD process, Taylor began writing about things that had no connection to his academic pursuits. Music is one of those things.

Andrew White: Andrew is from Albany and works at a record label called Eschatone Records. He also has a radio show on Albany’s WCDB 90.9fm.

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