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[Archive 3.5.14]

The Upstate Soundscape, 03.05.14


1) Fridge, “Drum Machines & Glockenspiel”Happiness (Temporary Residence)
2) Glissandro 70, “End West” S/T (Constellation)
3) Freeform, “Gone and Left the City” Wildcat (Skam)
4) Black Dice, “The Dream is Going Down”  Beaches and Canyons (Fat Cat)
5) Animal Collective, “Too Soon” Here comes the Indian (Paw Tracks)
6) Express Rising, “Winter The Heart” S/T (Numero Group)
7) Ben Bennett, “How Do You Think The Last Human Will Die?” Spoilage 
8) Coco-Cola Death Squad, “Brain Power”
9) Ricky Eat Acid, “In Rural Virginia; Watching Glowing Lights Crawl from the Dark” Three Love Songs (Orchid Tapes)
10) The Space Lady, “Major Tom” The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits (Night School)
11) Bruce Haack, “Poppies” The Electronic Record For Children (Dimension 5)
12) Ay Fast, “Dire Docks” Ay Fast v. ZVK (Polar Envy)
13) Sun Spells, “Ammaravamma” The Upstate Soundscape, Vol. III: Winter 2014

[Archive 11.13.13]

The Upstate Soundscape, 11.13.13


1) Container, “Overflow”

2) Actress “Reddit 124”

3) One Speed Bike, “Yuppie Restaurant Goers Beware”

4) Deerhoof, “Dog on Sidewalk”

5) Donato Dazzi, “Vapor Wear ’05”

6) Boom Bip ft. Buck 65, “The Unthinkable”

7) Venetian Snares, “Pink and Green”

8) Aphex Twin, “Window Licker (endroll version)”

9) Terminal 11, “Tilde’s Revenge”

10) James Ferraro, “Flamboyant”

11) Beau Wanzer, “Hoedown”

12) Eric Lanham, “WN 689”

13) Max Loderbauer, “Giant Hug”

14) Erika, “Tunneling”

15) Der Zyklus, “Roche Limit (v.3)”

16) Prostitute, “Make A Hole, Look Out”

17) Mike Parker, “Lustration 2”

18) Jerk, “Alchemy”

19) Jerk, “No Sox”

20) Oneohtrix Point Never, “Nassau”

21) Vaetxh, “Unfolding Mechanism”


23) Phoneica, “Jpace”

24) DMX Krew, “I’m All Alone (Cylob mix)”

25) Mouse of Mars, “Can”

26) Ove-Naxx, “Ccccssss”

27) Felix Kubin, “Japan Japan (J Rocc edit)

28) SND, “Push ’03”

29) EDMX, “Boost”

30) Joe Lentini, “Yermain Yackson”

31) Richard Devine, “Oxin2lin (Valence Drakes Remix)”

[Archive 10.9.13]

The Upstate Soundscape, 10.08.13


1) Mary Lattimore, “Pluto The Planet” The Withdrawing Room(Desire Path Recordings)

2) Dustin Wong, “Helix Sky” Meditations of Ecstatic Energy (Thrill Jockey)

3) Steve Hauschildt, “Different Directions” S/H (Editions Mego)

4) Rambutan, “House of Shells” Live at Volcanic Tongue, March 23 2013

5) Alfred Brown, “Drawn to a Withered Hand” Library Music Catalog Music Series Vol. 16: Music for Moving in Slow Motion (Asthmatic Kitty)

6) Polmo Polpo, “Farewell to the Flyer” Innature (Barge Recordings)

7) Frank Napolski, “Live at the Wash for WSADA 7” September 27 2013.

8) The Haxan Cloak, “Dieu” Excavation (Tri Angle)

9) Ay Fast, “Opera Starring You Dead” Where Does He Come?(Banana Seat Girl)

10) Oneohtrix Point Never, “Still Life” R Plus Seven (Warp)

11) Rashad Becker, “Themes IV” Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. I (Pan)

12) Gold Panda, “Marriage (Forest Swords Remix)”

13) Hovercraft, “Anthropod” Experiment Below (Mute/Blast First)

14) MC5, “Black to Comm” ’66 Breakout  (Total Energy Records)

[Archive 03.06.13]

The Upstate Soundscape, 03.07.13



1) Leah Rico, “Beacen” The Upstate Soundscape Vol. I: Winter 2013
2) Babi Audi, “Live on CKUT’s New Shit, 1/21/13” (Free Music Archive)
3) Matmos, “In Search of a Lost Faculty” The Marriage of True Minds (Thrill Jockey)
4) Paul Hubweber & DJ Sniff, “Um Chaka Tum” No Litter (Gligg Records)
5) Black to Comm, “Forst” Alphabet 1968 (Type)
6) Invasion Vs Shackleton, “Wizards in Dub Part I” Wizards in Dub
7) Lord Tang, “Thang” Lord Tang (Gigante)
8) Boom Bip, “Closed Shoulders (Clouddead Remix)” From Left to Right 12″ Single (Warp)
9) Mark Kloud, “Would Be” Environmental Changes
10) Kristachuwan, “I Am Your Density” Twin Swiss
11) Ay Fast, “Elastic Beaches” Where Does He Come?
12) Mary Lattimore, “You’ll Be Fiiinnne” The Withdrawing Room (Desire Path Recordings)
13) John St. Denis, “I Found A Letter Underwater, The Print Was Illegible” John St. Denis/ Misner Space Split Cassette (Old Frontiers)
14) Julia Holter, “This is Ekstatis” Eckstasis (RVNG, Intl)
15) Eschaton, “I Don’t Get Bed Bugs”

[Archive 02.27.13]

THe Upstate Soundscape, 02.27.13

1) Qluster, “Kalliope” Lauschen (Bureau B)
2) Cluster and Eno, “Steinsame” S/T (Bureau B)
3) JD Emmanuel, “Illusions” Time Traveler (Aguirre)
4) Ellen Fullman, “Harmonic Cross Sweep” Change of Direction
5) Godspeed You Black Emperor, “Strung like Lights at the Three Printemps Erable,” Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! (Constellation)
6) John Cale “Living With You” (Laurel Halo remix) Living With You (Double Six)
7) Dirty Beaches, “Water Park Theme – Take 2” Water Park OST (‘a’ records)
8) Mercury Rev, “Nocturne for Norwood” Strange Attractor
9) Barn Owl, “The Long Shadow” V (Thrill Jockey)
10) Quicksails, “Constant Air Reservoir” Silver Balloons in Clusters (Under the Spire)
11) Container, “Dripping”
12) Unicorn Hard-On, “Wildfire Girls”
13) UVB-76, “Billy”
14) Ay Fast, “Flutish” Nice Arps (Schematic)
15) Matmos, “Mental Radio” The Marriage of True Minds (Thrill Jockey)
16) Tomuttontu, “Live in EU I”
17) Sculpture, “Pusher Mechanism” Rotary Signal Emitter (Dekorder)
18) Downsampling, “Cut Rites”
19) Forest Feeling, “Lively Thought” S/T
20) Oneohtrix Point Never, “Stone of the Spiritual Understanding” OPN/Rene Hill 12″ Split (NNA Tapes)

[Archive 01.30.12 ft. Guest Host, Ay Fast]

The Upstate Soundscape, 1.30.13

1) Si Begg, “Marid Gras Bomber”
2) Mad Professor, “German Magic”
3) Art of Noise, “Movements in Love (Beaten)”
4) Lazor Sword, “Told Y’all”
5) Ammon Contact, “Segal (Daedalus Mix)”
6) Black Dice, “Trip Dude Delay”
7) Ovaca, “Ecstatic Feeling”
8) Kid 606, “My Kitten Went to London”
9) Outkast, “Intro”
10) Deep Burial, “Gimme that Wine”
11) Mouse on Mars, “Polaroyced”
12) Electric Company, “Un Polvo”
13) Chaos AD, “Psultan Pt. 1”
14) Bogdan Raczynski, “I Will Eat Your Children”
15) The Avalanches, “Etoh”
16) Glass Candy, “Geto Boys”
17) Team Doyobi, “Brutal Deluxe”
18) Bee Mask, “Pink Drink”
19) Sa-Ra Creative Partners, “Timeless Continuum”
20) Cabbage Boy, “Vender Food”
21) Tax Man, “I Need Some Money”
22) Auto Poises, “C [] edit”
23) Subjex, “Traps of Perception” (Schematic)
24) Otto Van Schirach, “Laptops and Martinis” (Schematic)
25) Crash Course in Science, “No More Hallow Doors” (Schematic)
26) Dino Fellipe, “Sexual Boats (Guitars Float)” (Schematic)
27) Juan Telway, “Is this Love?” (Schematic)
28) Delarosa and Asora, “Paz Suite 3” (Schematic)
29) Joe Lentini, “Johnny Freestyle” (Schematic)

[Preview 1.30.13: Guest Host Ay Fast]

Tonight electronic weirdo and Schematic recording artist Ay Fast will be in studio to guest host The Upstate Soundscape. No clue what he’ll play, you’ll just have to tune in to find out. Show starts at 8pm on 91.3FM WBNY. Stream at WBNY.org.

In the meantime, check out some tracks from Ay Fast’s last album, Nice Arps.