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[Free Music Friday: SlowPitch, ‘Biosphere Stargaze’]

DOWNLOAD: SlowPitch, Bioshpere Stargaze (Bah Doom Recordings)

New EP from Toronto turntablist SlowPitch. Follow the above link and download it for free by submitting your email to Bah Doom Recordings.

From the Bah Doom Recordings website:

Resident of Toronto, and student of turntablism, Cheldon Paterson, AKA SlowPitch, is an eternal sound explorer to the unstoppable tech, fascinated by the relationship between music, movement and the direct creation or sound. Over the years, he has been nominated to the K. M. Hunter Artist Award, supported by the Council of the Arts in Toronto, Canada.

SlowPitch guides us through a deep space exploration in his debut EP of improvisational turntable music.Biosphere Stargaze is a sci-fi obsessed showcase of stark audio landscapes that twitch and blink their way through an EP that is brilliantly spontaneous. Using a turntable, a percussion sequencer and an effects/looping device, Slowpitch has created a brainstorm of cosmic pulses that are both sparse and beautiful.

It draws heavily upon the experimental turntable prowess of DJ Krush, treading a similar path to drone artists currently residing over at Hospital Productions and Software.

Sound is a constant exploration for me. I enjoy the feeling of not knowing what unique sound will come up after every twist or tap on my turntable. Adapting this fantastic tool (the turntable) as my main musical instrument has allowed me to explore endless possibilities, improvising and challenging my mind to push further into the unknown. I am very fascinated with the relationship between movement, sound and the importance of live performance. I am able to demonstrate and articulate this to my audience and believe that it is an essential step in preparing them for the inspiring journey ahead.

SlowPitch has also collaborated and performed with many other talented artists of an eclectic variety of disciplines including dancers, free jazz and world musicians. Forget the Canadian Space Agency, this is your best chance at space exploration.

[Archive 04.25.12]

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2) Machinefabriek, “Brown,” Colour Tones (Fang Bomb)
3) SlowPitch, “Brain Test Mantra,” Biosphere Stargraze (Bah Doom Recordings)
4) Nastro, “25” 300mq (Upside Down Recordings)
5) Giant Claw, “Righteous-Injustice-Hellearth,” Giant Claw/The Cat’s Orchestra Split (cae-sur-a)
6) Ghost Father, “Tangential”
7) Tomutonttu, “Rattus (Live),” The Noise from Ridgewood, A Benefit Compilation for the Silent Barn (Obsolete Units)
8) Skeleton Zoo, “More Various Flavors of Chip”
9) Lord Tang, “Thang,” Lord Thang (Gigante)
10) Buildings and Mountains, “Epidemic Magnificent,” SummerGut String (Blood Dirt)
11) Chapels, “No Graves,” The Noise from Ridgewood, A Benefit Compilation for the Silent Barn (Obsolete Units)
12) Baczkowski Sack Duo, “Keet Seel,” Baczkowski Sack Duo/Butcher, Breyer, Khoury Trio Split (House of Alchemy)
13) Jeffery Star, “Sound Opera,” Out of Nowhere: Electro-Acoustic Music from the Upstate Fringe (Big Orbit)
14) Underground River, “In The Sand,” Endless Air; The Other Side of Happenings (Owl)
15) Future by Now, “This Is Not,” Blood Dirt Companion, Vol. 1 (Blood Dirt)
16) Squanto, “Like Chlorine,” On Being Lumpy 
17) Off the International Radar, “A Cold Mirror,” Hot Lips 
18) M. Mucci, “The Days Blur Together” Tall House Recordings