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[Archive 7.9.15 ft. Wooden Cities and Cages]

The Upstate Soundscape, 7.8.15

1) Roland Kayn, “Cybernetics III” (excerpt)
2) Cages, “Devil”
3) Cages, “Dying”
4) Olivia Block, “Opening Night” (excerpt)
5) Ethan Hayden, “…ce dangereux supplement…”
6) Esin Gunduz, “One Who Plants Winds Harvests Storm”
7) Jacob Gotlib, “Ornamental Alphabets”
8) Michael McNeill, “Skies”
9) Zane Merritt, “Hot Cola”
10) Haptic, “Danjon Scale” (except)
11) Cages, “D.I.E.”
12 Cages, “First Seed”
13) Jon Mueller, “Remembered”
14) Jacob Gotlib, “Year Without Summer”
15) Ethan Hayden, “Actually, a little hunchback who was an expert chess player sat inside and guided the puppets hand by means of strings.”
16) Bernard Parmegiani, “Incidents/ Resonances” (excerpts)
17) Cages, “Devil”
18) Cages, “Into Germination”
19) Fudgy, “One Man No Show”

[Archive 9.25.13]

The Upstate Soundscape, 09.25.13

1) Tony Conrad, “Live at ISSUE 7/13”
2) Polmo Polpo, “Sky Historie (Live at Art System, Toronto 2001)”.
3) VWLS, “Live at Fluid Dynamics, 8/10/13”
4) Cages, “Devil’s Gun (Live)” Complaints and Riots We Should Leave to Cats
5) Villages, “Live at Hopscotch Music Festival, 9/6/13”
6) Buffalo Improvisers Orchestra, “Live at Buffalo River Fest Park, 9.12.13”

[The Upstate Soundscape Vol II: Summer 2013]

The Upstate Soundscape Vol II Summer 2013

1) Annie Shaw, “Dip in the Waverlee (Never Knowin)” (Hamilton)

2) TJ Borden, “Street Lights, Slow-Motion Car Crash” (Rochester)

3) Parashi, “Jar of Mischief” (Albany)

4) Charles Gordon, “Known Unknowns Part 2 [Live at the Vault 3.22.13]” (Buffalo)

5) Rash, “Spring” (Rochester)

6) No Shoes & One Sock, “One Foot in the Grave” (Hamilton)

7) Cages, “Lost Lipids [Live at Soundlab 9.3.12]” (Buffalo)

8) Tired Wires, “Hark” (London, ON)

9) Lea Bertucci, “Baggage Nest [Live on WFMU’s My Castle of Quiet 10.12.12]” (Rosendale, NY)

10) VWLS, “Camouflage Mercedes” (Buffalo)

[Preview 3.13.13]

Tonight on The Upstate Soundscape,we got a bunch of crazy shit to get to, as usual. We’ll check out some extended jams from Transmuteo, Zs, and Luke Moldorf. We’ll also preview some upcoming shows including Buffalo’s new Wsada Series, scheduled to launch next Wednesday at the WASH Project with performances from Brooklyn’s Lea Bertucci and Silent Isle and more.

Other things we’ll try to squeeze in tonight include something from the Anti-Gravity Bunny 5th anniversary compilation, new Grouper, and some old Cages.

Show starts at 8pm on 91.3FM WBNY. Stream at WBNY.org.

Programming note: there will be no radio show next week (3/20). The host is taking the night off to DJ at the aforementioned Wsada Series # 1. See event details here and come on down next week to check  it out. 

[Preview: The Upstate Soundscape Returns]

Tonight, after taking a few weeks off, the Upstate Soundscape radio show returns. Tune in to hear new material from both the House of Alchemy and cae-sur-a labels, a new song from awesome Buffalo duo Chapels, and a boat load of new records that Needles picked up while on a trip in New Orleans.

The Weirdness will hit your airwaves at 8pm on 91.3FM WBNY. Stream at WBNY.org.

[Visually Sound Sunday: Jon Mueller’s Death Blues/Cages]

Really good show lined up for Labor Day evening at Soundlab. Super talented Buffalo duo Cages is bringing to town some Milwaukee friends including percussionist Jon Mueller (Collections of Colonies of Bees, Volcano Choir). Mueller will be performing with his Death Blues project that Mueller describes as “a multidisciplinary project that addresses the inevitability of death as impetus to become more present in each moment.” See the video below for more on Mueller’s thinking behind the project. Also on the bill is Group of Altos, another act out of Milwaukee.


And if you’re not yet familiar with Cages, check out the 2008 live performance in Bloomington below. Singer Nola Ranallo is easily one of the most intense vocalists you will see on stage. Her delivery has a Bjork-like ferociousness while the timber of her voice is wholly unique. Backed by multi-instrumentalist David Bailey, the duo will perform some new material from their upcoming 12″.  Should be a great show.


[Free Music Friday: Scott Valkwitch, “The Reawaken”]

Here is a cool track from Scott Valkwitch, who you can catch tomorrow (Sat., 3/3) at the Vault, along with Cages, and Freeman/Cain/Borden.

The track is a solo performance with a modified overdriven stylophone, LP voice loops, and 4-track reel to reel.

If you’re wondering how the stylophone is modified (like I was), Scott explains that he “modified the stylophone by taking the mp3 input and wiring it to a potentiometer and wiring from that pot to the headphone output, it basically creates internal feedback and overdrives the signal, the potentiometer gives it more control.”


[Preview 02.29.12: Jen and Cory from cae-sur-a]

Tonight on the Upstate Soundscape we will be joined in studio by Jen and Cory of //cae-sur-a// records out of Rochester. They will make the drive in and share some music with us from their label’s upcoming release and some past favorites.

Check out the our [Label Spotlight] on //cae-sur-a// HERE and the [mix] Cory did for us HERE.

Before Jen and Cory take over the song selection, we’ll do a quick preview of some events coming up in Buffalo including the show at the Vault this Saturday, featuring Cages, Scott Valkwitch, Pat Cain and Martin Freeman, and the Intension Ensemble show next Saturday at Shakti Yoga.

Radio show starts at 10pm on 91.3 FM WBNY. Stream at WBNY.org. And by the way, there will be no radio show for the next two weeks. Be back on air Wed. 3/21.