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[Soundcloud Group Featured Track: Spurgeasaurus, ‘Bardo’]

Here is a track that Hudson, NY, artists Spurgeasaurus posted to the Soundcloud Group recently. The description explains that the track has “shades of ancient India and future starships. A journey into the himalayas with spirit guides and extra-dimensional entities.”

Spurgeasaurus is invovled in a number of cool projects worth checking out including the Hudson Valley’s Coterminus Collectiv, which we wrote about here, along with his band Destructasaurus Rex. 

[Read: Coterminus Collectiv ‘April on the Airwaves, May in the Flesh’]

Recently a group in the Hudson Valley has come together based around their shared interest in experimental electronic music and a desire to network with other like-minded artists. Going by the name Coterminus Collectiv the group launched in April and are now looking to stage a second meet up for artists who are interested in joining the group on Wednesday, April 25 in New Paltz.

Obviously, that’s a bit out-of-the-way for most Upstate artists, but the success of this group so far is perhaps a good lesson for Upstate artists to learn from. As Amanda Newman writes on the group’s blog,  “this mere concept has become a reality, gaining the kind of momentum you hope for, but don’t want to allow yourself to expect. ”

In other words, maybe that crazy idea you have might be worth trying? Check out the rest of the details on Coterminus Collectiv below.

From the Coterminus Collectiv blog:

April on the Airwaves, May in the Flesh’

I can’t believe so much has happened since our first meet & greet on March 6th. Early this year, The Coterminous Collectiv was merely a concept. We had no idea who we would find, or if anyone would even be interested in meeting us. We reached out via Soundcloud, Facebook, and a slew of fliers peppered across the Hudson Valley, wondering who would be crazy enough to come out to a coffee shop in New Paltz and meet a bunch of strangers claiming to make noises.

Since then, this mere concept has become a reality, gaining the kind of momentum you hope for, but don’t want to allow yourself to expect. . .

Read the rest HERE.