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[Soundcloud Group Featured Track: Bassin/Borden/Merrit Trio Live in Seattle]

Here is a great performance from Dan Bassin, TJ Borden, and Zane Merritt, three musicians from UB’s music department that recently went on a brief tour of the Pacific-Northwest. This improv session was recorded at Seattle’s Gallery 1412 and then submitted to our Soundcloud Group. Enjoy.

Complete, unedited audio of the final performance from our July 2012 Pacific Northwest mini-tour.
TJ Borden – Amplified Cello
Zane Merritt – Electric Guitar
Daniel Bassin – Flumpet and Trumpet

[Soundcloud Group Featured Track: Improv Ork, ‘Graphic Music’]

As the 2012 edition of Infringement Festival nears, how about we take a look back at a great performance from last year’s fest?

Here is one that Buffalo’s John Bacon, percussionist  and member of Improv Ork, uploaded to our Soundcloud group. “Graphic Music” features an all-star cast, including J.T. Rinker, Jonathan Golove, Dan Bassin, Steve Baczkowski, Joe Rozler, and of course Mr. Bacon.

You can catch Improv Ork again this year on Thursday, August 2 at Hallwall’s.

Remember the Upstate Soundscape is an Infringement “venue” and will feature in-studio performances on tomorrow’s show and next week’s. Stay tuned for more info.

From Bacon’s Soundcloud site: [“Graphic Music” was] performed by Improv Ork as part of the Buffalo Infringement Festival July 2011 at Soundlab Buffalo, NY. Electronic, percussion, wind and string instruments coexist, combine, conflict, collaborate all with the intent to create a new sonic landscape that is environmentally freindly. Featuring J.T. Rinker, Jonatahn Golove, Dan Bassin, Steve Baczkowski, Joe Rozler, John Bacon.

[Archive 05.31.12: June in Buffalo Special]

1) Rhys Chatham, “Corn Maiden’s Rite,” Outdoor Spell (Northern Spy)
2) Dave Felder, “Rare Air I”
3) Iannis Xenakis, “Rebonds B”
4) David Felder, “Rare Air II”
5) David Rappenecker, “Emergence”
6) Zane Merritt, “Platty”
7) Dan Bassin, “Typographies II: Lacrimosa” (Performed by the Arditti String Quartet)
8) JT Rinkler, “Frigate”
9) Kenichi Saeki, “Micros”
10) Juan Colon Hernandez, “Tropos”
11) David Felder, “Incendio”
12) Morton Feldman, “Rabbi Akiba”