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[free music friday: Downer and Jacobin Live @ Soundlab 11.22.10]

DOWNLOAD: Downer and Jacobin Live @ Soundlab

Here is a rather mysterious recording that I stumbled upon at the Internet Archive by Downer and Jacobin. An internet search reveals literally nothing about this noise-metal group that allegedly performed at Soundlab nearly a year ago. Thus, there is not much I can tell you other than this recording is 2 tracks, one from Downer, one from Jacobin, each roughly 30 minutes in length, and both are utterly insane.

This is the deep, dark black metal meets noise shit that you rarely see in public. Not much crowd noise in the background so I assume it was sparsely attended by true fans only. Or perhaps those in attendance were so awe-struck that they were reduced to silence. Who knows. But as Halloween approaches we could all use a little audio madness to get us in the mood.


PS…if anybody knows who these guys actually are drop me a line. I am curious where they are from.