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[Mixed Up Monday: Tape Drift Feature on Free Form Freakout]

Albany-based label Tape Drift got the feature treatment on Free Form Freakout’s excellent bi-monthly podcast. The podcast features music from Tape Drift’s recent batch of sick releases, a song from Buffalo’s own Chapels, and an extended interview with label head Eric Hardiman aka Rambutan. Hardiman offers some very interesting insight into his label, his involvement in the  Albany Sonic Arts Collective, and his view on the importance of building a local experimental scene.


Rambutan “The Temple of Echo” The Temple of Echo CD-R (TD-43)
(Interview segment)
Parashi “Apparat” Counterweight CD-R (TD-48)
Jefferson Pitcher “11/30/08” To Light The Snow CD-R (TD-47)
Sparkling Wide Pressure “Untitled” (excerpt) split w/ Rambutan CS (TD-44)
(Interview segment)
Chapels “Pt. 1” (excerpt) Some Decay CS (TD-18)
Locrian “Omega Vapors” Dissolvers LP (TD-33)
Oddly Imploded “Atoms As Human Beings” Choke All Your Habits Before It’s Too Late CD-R (TD-41)
(Interview segment)
Rambutan “Passing Thought” For Conrad Schnitzler (*forthcoming release)
Rambutan “Ordinary Vertigo” Erasing the Past 7” (TD-39)

description from FFFreakout’s website:

We recently had the chance to speak with Eric Hardiman, the main man behind the always incredible Tape Drift label and recording project, Rambutan, based in upstate New York.With this past month marking Tape Drift’s biggest batch of releases to date, and with Rambutan set to unleash some new sounds on various labels in the coming months, we were fortunate to have Eric get us up to speed on the label, the music he has been making, and his involvement in the Albany Sonic Arts Collective. In addition to airing this conversation, we played various selections from the Tape Drift catalog, including a brand new Rambutan track from a forthcoming release entitled For Conrad Schnitzler.