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[Archive: 7.2.14]

The Upstate Soundscape, 7.2.14

1) Gordon Ashworth, “Suite for Broken Sex” S.T.L.A. (Orindal)
2) La Monte Young and Terry Riley, “Concerto for Two Pianists and Five Tape Recorders” (Live at Hertz Hall, 1961)
3) Tor Lundvall, “Grey Life” The Mist (Eternal Autumn Auditions)
4) Patrick Cowley, “Seven Sacred Pools” School Daze (Dark Entries)
5) Iasos, “Crystal Petals” Celestial Soul Portrait (Numero Group)
6) Brian Eno, “Tal Coat” Ambient 4: On Land (EG Records)
7) Cabaret Voltaire, “Silent Command” #7855 (Electro Punk to Techno Pop, 1978-1985) (Mute)
8) Solaris, “Alien Intrusion” The Waves of Evernow (Numero Group)
9) Mike Cooper, “Pharaoh’s March” Trout Steel (Paradise of Bachelors/Dawn)
10) Can, “True Story” The Lost Tapes (Mute)
11) Edvard Graham Lewis, “The Eel Wheeled” All Under (Editions Mego)
12) OOIOO, “Gamel Kamasu” Gamel (Thrill Jockey)
13) Cloud Becomes Your Hand, “Rat Jumps” Rocks or Cakes (Northern Spy)
14) Animal Collective, “Infant Dressing Table” Here Comes the Indian (Paw Tracks)
15) Nathan McLaughlin, “A4” Line Drawings (Desire Path Recordings)
16) Uncertain, “Alpha +Omega”

[Archive 1.29.14]

The Upstate Soundscape, 1.29.14



1) Nathan McLaughlin, “The Window So Cold” The Upstate Soundscape Vol. III: Winter 2014
2) Hobo Cubes, “Infatuation” Structures in Stasis (Debacle Records)
3) Patrick Cowley, “Primordial Landscapes” School Daze (Dark Entries)
4) Spike and Horn, “Grace Vandals” The Upstate Soundscape Vol. III: Winter 2014 (kyle butler)

5) in-studio mix:
Iasos, “Crystal White Fire Light” Celesital Soul Portrait (Numero)
“Ultimate Thunderstorm” Environments: Totally New Concepts in Sound (Syntonic Research)
Adrian Rew, “3/31/13 – Horseshoe Casino, Cleveland, OH” Slot Machine Music (Ergot)
Nichaolas Szezepanik, “Not Knowing” Tangents-001 (Desire Path Recordings)
Eli Kezler, “Untitled” Livingston (Rare Youth)
Mike Parker, “Voiceprint: Voice Three” Dispatches (Geophone Records)
Northern Spy Records, “Thanksgiving Dinner”
Aidan Baker, “Pure I” Pure Drone (Beta Iactam Ring Records)
Janeck Schafer, “Radio 111 FM” (12K)
Orphan Fairy Tale “Dragons of the Deeps” My Favorite Fairy Tale (Aguirre Records)
Nonhorse, “Live at The Tinnitus Suites”

6) Klop, “Tailed Adder” To Mould the Deceiver’s Song
7) Explosions in the Sky, “Alone Time” Prince Avalance OST (Temporary Residence)
8) The Beta Band, “The Hard One” S/T (Regal/Astralwerks)
9) Rutherford Chang, “The Beatles: Side 1 x 100 (excerpt)”

[Archive 12.4.13]

The Upstate Soundscape, 12.4.13


1) Lee Gamble, “Secret Thirteen Mix 097” (excerpt)
2) Solange/Twin Shadow, “Losing You/Castles In The Snow,” Diamond Terrifier RMX (excerpt from How to Wrap a Crown mxitape)
3) Heatsick, “Mimosa” Re-Engineering (Pan)
4) Lea Bertucii, “Signature” Resonance Shapes (Obsolete Units)
5) C. Spencer Yeh, Okkyung Lee, and Lasse Marhaug “Serious Cat’s Milk” Wake Up Awesome (Software Studio Series)
6) Vibracathedral Orchestra, “Goodnight Stars, Goodnight Air” The Queen of Guess (VHF Records)
7) Animal Collective, “Leaf House/Who Could Win A Rabbit” Live at KEXP Studio Session 2007
8) Egyptrixx, “A.C.R.R.” A/B Till Infinity (Night Slugs)
9) Yamantaka//Sonic Titan, “Saturn’s Return” Uzu (Suicide Squeeze/Paper Bag)
10) Alligator Crystal Moths, “Majunas” Spectral Lysergics
11) NYMPH, “Raag Mon” New Millennium Prayer (Northern Spy)
12) Iasos, “The Angles of Comfort” Celestial Soul Portrait (The Numero Group)
13) Tim Hecker, “Stab Variation” Virgins (Kranky)
14) Alien Radio, “Kugeln (Jems Circs Remix)” 10-Year Anniversery Hybrid Vinyl Series (Dekorder)