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[Archive 01.11.14]

1) SIGHUP, “City Passage,” City Passage (Feedback Loop Label)
2) Chapels, “I Have Tried, Part 1,” I Have Tried (House of Alchemy)
3) Mold Omen, “The Driver/The Mechanic,” Blacktop (cae-sur-a)
4) Bob Ohrum, “For Dan (Excerpt),” All Around Me (Relaxed Machinery)
5)Kyle Bobby Dunn, “Touhy’s Theme,” Ways of Meaning (Desire PAth Recordings)
6) Kyle Bobby Dunn, “In Praise of Tears”
7) throuRoof, “Feathers & Blood,” Feathers & Blood (cae-sur-a)
8) Scott Valkwitch, “In the Red,” From the Deepest Depths of a Bottomless Light (House of Alchemy)
9) All of Them Withces, “Toyotal Recall,” Breathers vs. Drivers
10) All of Them Witches, “That’s a Real Head Scratcher,” Breathers vs. Drivers
11) All of Them Witches, Tocqueville Owes Back Taxes,” Breathers vs. Drivers
12) All of Them Witches, “Party Car,” Breathers vs. Drivers
13) KBD Sonic Collective, “Native”

[Preview 1.11.12: KBDx2, Bob Ohrum, All of Them Witches + more]

Kyle Bobby Dunn

Tonight on the Upstate Soundscape we will continue checking out the releases that we have been reviewing for our [2011 in Review] section. We’ll hear tracks from the reviews of the past week including Chapels, SIGHUP, Bob Ohrum, throuRoof, and Kyle Bobby Dunn.

We’ll also take a listen to a new unreleased track from Kyle Bobby Dunn called “In Praise of Tears.”

We’ve got another week or so of reviews left and we’ll preview some of them including the one for All of Them Witches’ new album Breathers vs. Drivers. The review for Breathers vs. Drivers is scheduled to post tomorrow, while All of Them Witches will also play a show this Saturday at Mohawk Place.

Also going to preview the show going down at The Vault this Friday with the KBD Sonic Cooperative  (no connection to Kyle Bobby Dunn), ChinaUFO, Malaria Control, Fluxmonkey, and Jason Zeh.For those of you planning on attending this show, make sure you head down to Merge afterward for Freeform Fridays with me and the Vinyl Retentives.  All vinyl, no cover, and cheap PBR tallboys. Should be a good way to close out the night.

The Upstate Soundscape starts at 10pm on 91.3 FM WBNY. Stream at WBNY.org.


[2011 in Review: Kyle Bobby Dunn, ‘Ways of Meaning’]

Kyle Bobby Dunn - Ways of Meaning (Desire Path Recordings)

At this point, there is not much more that can be said about Kyle Bobby Dunn’s album Ways of Meaning. Google the album and you’ll see the considerable amount of digital ink that was spilled across the internet about the Ontario native’s drone album since it was released earlier this year by Buffalo label Desire Path Recordings.

Here’s a sample:

Anti-Gravity Bunny–which cited Ways of Meaning as the third best drone album of 2011–said it was the “most delicate bliss I’ve ever experienced. 100% shining purity.”

Consequence of Sound described the album’s “sweet fragility,” while notoriously hard-to-please Pitchfork celebrated it as drone music “with the gravity turned off.”

Dusted Magazine explained that the album served as a pleasant “reminder to slow your roll’ and even NPR’s All Songs Considered (not exactly the go-to source for drone music) exulted the album for its “shimmering brilliance.”

We could continue this list indefinitely, but let’s instead see what the local/regional press in Buffalo and the Upstate region had to say about KBD’s album. After all, this universally acclaimed release was brought forth into the world by Desire Path Recordings, a young micro-label out of Buffalo. Surely, the same label that Lend Me Your Ears declared as “masterful” and the ‘Best New Label of 2011′ earned a write up or two from the local music literati, right?

Well, actually, no.

Save for the blog you are currently reading, not a peep was muttered ’round these parts regarding one of the most celebrated albums of the year that happened to be made in our own backyard. The Upstate Soundscape, on the other hand, did a whole feature on Desire Path which you can read here along with a radio interview that you can listen to here.

Anyway, regardless of who did cover it and who didn’t cover it. . .Ways of Meaning is a beautiful album and you should hear it. End of story.


Review by Cameron Alexander 

[Mixed Up Monday: Kyle Bobby Dunn – L’Apartament18 Mixtape]

Kyle Bobby Dunn

If you scan the assorted ‘best of 2011’ lists that outlets covering experimental music have been putting out in the past few weeks than you will no doubt come across this album: Kyle Bobby Dunn, Ways of Meaning (Desire Path Recordings).

Kyle Bobby Dunn - Ways of Meaning (Desire Path Recordings)

The Ontario native’s album earned universal praise when it came out earlier this year and is now getting more love from critics on their year-end lists.

At last check both NPR and Anti-Gravity Bunny found spots for the album–which was put out by Desire Path Recordings, a Buffalo-based record label–on their respected lists. More are sure to follow in the coming weeks.

It seemed fitting then to re-post a mixtape that Mr. Dunn did for the l’Apartament 18 blog. See description and tracklist below:

DOWNLOAD: Kyle Bobby Dunn, l’Apartament 18 Mixtape 

1. Arvo Part – Nunc Dimittis
2. Robert Wyatt – Old Europe
3. Killing Joke – Love Like Blood
4. Ride – Polar Bear
5. Yo La Tengo – Last Days of Disco
6. Gyorgy Ligeti – Arc en Ciel
7. Sun Ra – Planet Earth
8. Subtract by Two – A Transgression Suite
9. Igor Stravinsky – Airs aupres du ruisseau
10. Eduard Artemiev – Part VI – Solaris Soundtrack
11. Luigi Cherubini – Sanctus
12. Ennio Morricone – La Ragione, Il Cure, L’Amore
13. Gyorgy Ligeti – Lux Aeterna
14. J.S Bach – Wachet auf ruft die Stimme, Choral BWV 645
15. Erik Satie – Trois Nocturnes – Premier Nocturne
16. Fred Bongusto – Rivalita
17. Fred Bongusto – Un Bacio
18. Stelvio Cipriani & Goblin – La Dolce Sandra 3
19. Ingram Marshall – Dark Waters
20. Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch w/ David Slusser – Deer Meadow Shuffle
21. Berto Pisano – From Left to Right
22. Maurice Ravel – Gaspard de la Nuit (Le Gibet)
23. Josh Barsky – The Bathtub
24. Hall & Oates – Say It Isn’t So…

Kyle Bobby Dunn és un dels artistes emergents més consolidats en el món del drone més ambiental i paisatgístic, i que des del primer dia ha confiat en l’Apartament18 per fer promoció dels seus discos. Ara és ell qui regala a l’A18 en exclusiva una mixtape de les seves influències, fent un recorregut pels clàssics de la música contemporània amb pinzellades indies com Ride o Yo La Tengo. És una mixtape que descobreix les passions de Kyle Bobby Dunn i que ajuda a entendre el magma, la essència, de les seves composicions ambientals.

Kyle Bobby Dunn ha gravat per a prestigiosos segells com Housing, Sedimental, Low Point i el seu últim disc, que vaig ressenyar aquí, l’ha editat Desire Path recordings. També ha col·laborat en segells importantíssims del gènere, com Ghostly International (a la seva imprescindible sèrie SSM:Context).

Thanks to Kyle Bobby Dunn for trusting l’Apartament18 and send this wonderful mixtape. Pleased to having you with me in l’Apartament18!!!!


[Archive 11.23.11: Desire Path Recordings Special]

1) Bob Ohrum, “The Mess (You Left),” All Around Me (Relaxed Machinery)

2) SIGHUP, “City Passage,” City Passage (Feedback Loop)

3) Jacob Gotlib, “Slow Splintering”

4) Charlemagne Palestine and Janek Schaeffer, “Side 1,” Day of the Demons (Desire Path Recordings)

5) Benoît Pioulard, ” Autochoral,” Benoît Pioulard Plays Themla  (Desire Path Recordings)

6) Kyle Bobby Dunn, “Statuit,” Ways of Meaning (Desire Path Recordings)

7) Solo Andata, “Aggregate,” Ritual (Desire Path Recordings)

8) High Aura’d, Side B,” Mooncusser  (Ydlmier)

9) Cory Allen, “Shutter Echo,” Still (Quiet Design)

10) Nite Lite “Corvid,” Marlene (Stunned)

11) Shiflet, “(Sufferers),” Sufferers (Type)

[Label Spotlight: Desire Path Recordings]

This week on the Upstate Soundscape, Michael Vitrano, head of Buffalo-based record label Desire Path Recordings, is stopping by to discuss his label, experimental music, and some upcoming releases on the DPR imprint.

Its only been a little over a year since DPR emerged on the international experimental scene with the release of Ritual by Solo Andata, a well-respected Australian duo known for interweaving inventive field recordings with stark neo-classical, ambient soundscapes.

While Ritual may have flown slightly under the radar after its initial release in the fall of 2010, the album, which was beautifully packaged by DPR Art Director Chris Koelle, has since been critically hailed around the web as a mesmerizing record  with a disquieting, even nightmarish quality.

Anti-Gravity Bunny aptly describing Ritual  as “eerie as fuck,” claiming the album contained sounds that “If I were to hear alone in the woods, regardless if the sun was up, I would immediately call the cops and start walking in the opposite direction.”

With its masterfully crafted sound and its meticulously designed vinyl packaging, including a special $60 special art edition (sold out, unfortunately), Ritual would set a high bar for DPR’s future releases. And with two more well-received releases under its belt, Kyle Bobby Dunn’s Ways of Meaning and Benoît Honoré Pioulard Plays Thelma, DPR has begun to solidify its reputation within the hierarchy of experimental labels alongside 12k, Experimedia, Under the Spire, and Type.

Things have moved fast in the past year for Vitrano and DPR so make sure to tune in Wednesday night at 10pm to hear more about it, along with some choice cuts from the Desire Path Recordings catalog.

We’ll also get an exclusive preview of some yet-to-be released material from Charlemagne Palestine and Janek Schaefer. For now, check out the interview below that Vitrano was kind enough to provide.

The Upstate Soundscape: What is the story behind Desire Path Recordings? How/when did it get started? What was the motivation behind the label’s creation?

Michael Vitrano: Ever since I can remember I’ve always had a passion for music, in some genre or another, and yet I never got involved as a musician or artist. Whether this stems from an innate feeling that I want to be removed from the creation of music yet embrace the result, I am unsure.

The only way I saw to contribute to the experimental music community was to release music that is singular and unique on a format that I love dearly.

Desire Path Recordings was borne out of the need to help further the home listening experience, where vinyl is the ideal format, to allow listeners to become absorbed in the music without the constraints and distractions of listening to music outside of a homogenized personal space.

It started, in theory, in early 2009, when I decided I could no longer sit idly by and not get great music out into the world.

Is there anyone else involved in running the label or is this essentially a ‘solo project’?

While I am the owner and curator of the label, Desire Path Recordings wouldn’t exist without the art direction and guidance of Chris Koelle. I consider this endeavor his as much as it is mine.

Are there any labels out there that you patterned DPR after or strove to emulate? What labels, past or present, do you admire? 

Well, this could prove to be a very long list but I admire labels that strive to release unique music and are not beholden to one particular genre. When I first started the label, I wanted to focus on modern classical works, field recordings, and microambience, but I’ve since evolved in my thinking and created the vague description of “distinct pathways” to cover what we’re after.

At the top of the list are ExperimediaTypeKranky as well as Stunned RecordsECM, and Miasmah.

What’s your take on the current state of experimental music? Is this a good or bad time to be an experimental artist/fan?

This is absolutely a great time for experimental music and the only problem is that there’s just so much of it. It’s never-ending.

Any releases from the past year that really stand out to you?

Plenty. The Peregrine by Lawrence English on ExperimediaMooncusser by High Aura’d on YldmierLanguage by Ekin-Fil on Root Strata, and Haeligewielle by Petrels on Tartaruga.

Tell us about some of DPR’s upcoming releases.

DPR’s next release is a collaboration between Charlemagne Palestine and Janek Schaefer called Day of the Demons. I imagine this will appear in the New Year. After that, I don’t think I’d like to say too much.

Tell us about some past DPR releases that you think deserve some special attention.

Well, the first release by Solo Andata, Ritual, seemed to be overlooked quite a bit. I think that given the fact it’s very dark and scary, it seemed to only appeal to a niche audience. I think, though, if people get past the uneasy exterior, they’d find an intricate world in there ready to be explored.

Any advice for aspiring label owners?

Just go ahead and do it. I knew absolutely nothing and I’ve had to piece things together on my own. Also, you have to expect to lose a lot of money at first. In fact, depending on the music you’d like to release, this is not a profitable endeavor. It’s a break-even endeavor.

Any Upstate artists/labels you are really into at the moment? Any one we should look out for?

House of Alchemy, which I see you’ve featured recently.

How does somebody get a hold of DPR’s stuff?

I keep some stock at Spiral Scratch Records, so locally that’s an option. Our website, of course, and ExperimediaForced ExposureBoomkat, etc. for all mail-order inquiries.

Michael Vitrano will be an in-studio guest on the Upstate Soundscape this Wednesday night (11/23) at 10pm. Tune in to 91.3FM WBNY or stream at WBNY.org.

[archive 9.28.11]

1) Neu!, “Lila Engel,” Neu! 2  (United Artists)
2) Oneida, “Story of O,” Rated O (JagJaguwar)
3) Lesser, Matmos, and Wobbly, “Untitled,” Simultaniously Quodlibet (Important)
4) Freeform, “Quadrumble,” Wildcat (Skam)
5) Bewitched, “Chocolate Frenzy,” Shov:5 (Love records)
6) Teeth Mountain,”Live,” Live On (Not Not Fun Records)
7) Zs, “MMWII,” Music of the Modern White (Social Registry)
8) Gyorgy Ligeti, “Adventures: Nouvelles Aventures for 3 Singers & 7 Instrumentalists” (Candide)
9) Lau Nau, “Lou Kartalta”, Nukkuu (Locust)
10) Purling Hiss,”Passanger Queen”, Hissteria (Richie Records)
11) FC Kahuna, “Hayling (Super Furry Animals Mix)” (Skint)
12) Kurt Vile, “American Folded,” Constant Hitmaker (Woodsists)
13) Brian Rudd, “From a Bum Trip….to ‘TheTrip Beyond!'”
14) Mountains, “Thousand Square,” Air Musem (Thrill Jockey)
15) Old Time Relijin,”Indestructable Life!!.” Catharsis in Crisis (KLP Records)
16) John Coltrane, “Om (Part 1),” Om (Impulse)
17) Sigor Ros, “Di Do,” Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do
18) Kyle Bobby Dunn, “Canyon Meadows”, Ways of Meaning (Desire Path Recordings)