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[Archive 02.22.12]

1) Velvet Elvis, “Where’s Your Marlboro Man Now?” No Rules in the Wasteland (cae-sur-a)
2) SlowPitch, “Teary-Eyed Bird Watcher”
3) Orphx, “Signal to Noise,” Circuitbreaking (Hymen)
4) Katastrophic, “Refigure (Mark Kloud Remix)”
5) Kristachuwan, “Rurricane Helics”
6) Kid on Purpose, “Saul Solemnly Searching his Soul on the Surface of the Sun,” Diffusion Tensor (Level 4 Activated)
7) Skeleton Zoo, “Broken Sky Welder”
8) Sink/Sink, “Astronavt,” The Darkest Dark Goes (Feedback Loop Label)
9) Occult Modem Setting, “Submit (Directly to Chef),” Compression Artifacts 
10) Todd Peck, “Daze Away” Adirondack Ocean  
11) Kevin Hume, “Love is a Feeling,” Out of Nowhere – Electro-Acoustic Music from the Upstate Fringe
12) University of Toronto Electronic Music Studio, “Inferno” Electronic Music
13) Bent Spoon Duo, “B,” Price of Darkness (House of Alchemy)
14) KG Price with T. Andrew Trump, “Pulmonary Import”
15) Off the International Radar, “Critical Mass,” OTIR 003
16) Women, “Eye Sore,” Public Strain (Jagjaguwar)

[Preview 01.22.12: L4A, HOA, Sink/Sink, and UofT Electronic Music Studio]

Tons of stuff to get to tonight on The Upstate Soundscape, including a new tape (or two) from Buffalo label House of Alchemy, a live piece from Toronto turntablist Slow Pitch, and new track from Sink/Sink, a New Zealand band with some Upstate connections.

We’ll also hear good tracks from the Level 4 Activated crew, Upstate Soundscape newcomer Todd Peck, Albany’s Skeleton Zoo, KG Price with T. Andrew Trump, and a 1967 piece created by the University of Toronto Electronic Music Studio.

U of T Electronic Music Studio

Show starts at 10pm on 91.3 FM WBNY. Stream at WBNY.org.


[Visually Sound Sunday: Kristachuwan, ‘Pterodactyl Fish’]

This Friday the Level 4 Activated crew will be hosting the Wunk Yur Dunks art show at the Vault.

The highlight of the night will come when L4A member Kristachuwan premieres his new DVD Pterodactyl Fish. Check out the two trailers below.  


[Free Music Friday: Cinnamon Aluminum, Holdin’ It Up EP]

New Cinnamon Aluminum? Hell yes.

Chris, Mike, and Zach are still working on their next full-length album, We Ate the Wrong Crab Spirit, but they’ve put out this little nugget to hold us over in the meantime.

As usual, the Level 4 Activated boys are all over the place stylistically. “Upon My Horshe” sounds like Japaneses shinto, while “Who Told You You Could Do Dat?” is a fairly convincing foray into Tom Waits territory.

As per usual with this Buffalo trio, its pretty cool shit.

Cinnamon Aluminum’s new full length album We Ate The Wrong Crab Spirit is slated for a early 2012 release.


[free music friday] Cinnamon Aluminum, Mad Monty in the 8th Dimension of Nine


Woke up today with an unexplainable urge to listen to Cinnamon Aluminum’s Mad Monty in the 8th Dimension of Nine. Decided to indulge in it and have been listening to it all morning, along with some newer stuff the Buffalo-based group has been working on and will hopefully be out soon.

Anyway…I am sure most of you have heard this already, but its worth re-hearing a few times before the new album is finished.

And if you haven’t heard it, well…….imagine if Frank Zappa had produced a Devo album and Jackson Publik had been brought on as a conceptual consultant. Regardless of which of this band’s influences stick out to you, its an engrossing listen, to say the least.