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[visually sound sunday: Matthew Herbert One Pig Documentary]

Here is a fascinating short documentary on Matthew Herbert’s new album, One Pig.

The UK sound artist/electronic musician compiled a series of field recordings of the pig’s life (including its ultimate consumption by humans) and turned them into a peculiar, if not disturbing, album that tries to close the gap between people and what they eat.

[archive 10.19.11]

1) Matthew Herbert, “October,” One Pig (Accidental)

2) MemoryHouse, “Untitled,” Choir of Empty Rooms (We Are Bandits)

3) Kim Cascone vs. Federico Monti, “Anit-Musical Celestial Forces/June 17” (Mandala Channel Mash up)

4) Crewdson, “Electric Wing,” Gravity (Slowfoot Records)

5) Ned Rothenberg, “Wood in the Metal,” Falling into Place (Auris Media)

6) Colin Stetson, “A Dream of Water,” New History Warfare, Vol. 2: Judges  (Constellation)

7) John Coltrane, “India,” The Other Village Vanguard Tapes (Impulse)

8) Jax Deluca, “Saxaphone Meditation”

9) ThroughRoof, “Feathers & Blood,” Feathers & Blood (Cae-sur-a)

10) Pascal Savy, “Reflective Shadow,” Liminal (Feedback Loop Label)

12) Mutus Liber, “Hesitation Resources,” Glossy Eyes Vol. 1 (Bad Drone  Media)

13) Dadavistic Orchestra, “Deep Old Mu,” Dokument .02 (Dust Science Recordings)

14) VxPxC, “In the Walls Tonight,” The Drapery Department (House of Alchemy)

[preview 10.19.11: Ned Rothenberg, Matthew Herbert, Pascal Savy, Crewdson and more]

Good stuff lined up tonight for The Upstate Soundscape, including a track from Matthew Herbert‘s new album, Pig One, which is a concept album built around the field recordings that Herbert captured over a 25-week period as he followed a single pig from cradle to grave (so to speak). Can’t really even explain this to you. You’ll just have to tune in.

We’ll also preview the Ned Rothenberg performance scheduled to occur this Friday at Hallwall’s by listening to a track from the multi-instrumentalist.

Also on tap are new tracks from ambient sculptor Pascal Savy from his album, Liminal, along with a new track from a really cool electronic act, Crewdson.

And as usual, there will be plenty of local/regional stuff to hear as well, so make sure to tune in at 10pm to 91.3FM WBNY or steam at WBNY.org.

[archive 10.5.11: #ows special]

1) Clue to Kalo, “We’ll Live Free (in NYC),” Check the Water (Leaf)
2) Matmos, “Stars and Stripes Forever,” The Civil War (Matador)
3) Schooner Records, “Music” Recorded at the Occupy Wall Street movement at Liberty Plaza NYC 9/30/2011 (Take 1)
4) Battles, “Wall Street,” Gloss Drop (Warp)
5) Devo, “Corporate Anthem,”  Duty Now for the Future (Warner Bros)
6) Astral Social Club, “Cloud War,” Happy Horse (Happy Prince)
7) Suicide, “Rocket USA,” Suicide (Red Star)
8) John Zorn, “Peace Warriors,” Spy vs. Spy: The Music of Ornette Coleman (Rhino)
9) Joey Chaos, “Occupy”
10) John Maus, “Keep Pushing On,” We Must Become the Pitiful Censor of Ourselves (Ribbon Music)
11) Bananazuli, “Occupy Everywhere, Including the Ears”
12) Matthew Herbert, “The Truncated Life Of a Modern Industrial Chicken,” Plat du Jour (Accidental)
13) Schooner Records, “Music” Recorded at the Occupy Wall Street movement at Liberty Plaza NYC 9/30/2011 (Take 2)
14) John Cage, Wim Mertons, “So That Each Person Is in Charge of Themselves”/Motor, “Gok” (Audio.nl)/Stars of the Lid, “I Will Surround You,” Avec Laudenem (Kranky) mix
15) The Stooges, “We Will Fall,” The Stooges (Elektra)
16)Mercenaries, “Tird World Shuffel,” Black Slavery Days T.S.O.S.A. (Clapper Records)
17) The Clash, “Justice Tonight/Kick It Over,” Black Market Clash (Cbs Records)
18) Matmos, “Reconstruction,” The Civil War (Matador)