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[Archive 04.25.12]

1) Ches Smith, “Pressed On,” Congs for Brums II: Noise to Men 
2) Machinefabriek, “Brown,” Colour Tones (Fang Bomb)
3) SlowPitch, “Brain Test Mantra,” Biosphere Stargraze (Bah Doom Recordings)
4) Nastro, “25” 300mq (Upside Down Recordings)
5) Giant Claw, “Righteous-Injustice-Hellearth,” Giant Claw/The Cat’s Orchestra Split (cae-sur-a)
6) Ghost Father, “Tangential”
7) Tomutonttu, “Rattus (Live),” The Noise from Ridgewood, A Benefit Compilation for the Silent Barn (Obsolete Units)
8) Skeleton Zoo, “More Various Flavors of Chip”
9) Lord Tang, “Thang,” Lord Thang (Gigante)
10) Buildings and Mountains, “Epidemic Magnificent,” SummerGut String (Blood Dirt)
11) Chapels, “No Graves,” The Noise from Ridgewood, A Benefit Compilation for the Silent Barn (Obsolete Units)
12) Baczkowski Sack Duo, “Keet Seel,” Baczkowski Sack Duo/Butcher, Breyer, Khoury Trio Split (House of Alchemy)
13) Jeffery Star, “Sound Opera,” Out of Nowhere: Electro-Acoustic Music from the Upstate Fringe (Big Orbit)
14) Underground River, “In The Sand,” Endless Air; The Other Side of Happenings (Owl)
15) Future by Now, “This Is Not,” Blood Dirt Companion, Vol. 1 (Blood Dirt)
16) Squanto, “Like Chlorine,” On Being Lumpy 
17) Off the International Radar, “A Cold Mirror,” Hot Lips 
18) M. Mucci, “The Days Blur Together” Tall House Recordings

[Mixed Up Monday: Obsolete Units + RÁDIO RUÍDO]

Sticking with the experimental DJ thread from yesterday’s post, here is an insane mix from Paul Haney aka Rust Worship of Brooklyn label Obsolete Units.

This 4-part, two-and-half-hour long mix was posted by the  x>Triangulation>x blog, a site that is chalk full of DJ mixes from another dimension.

You can check out the tracklist below to get a feel for the weirdness that awaits you, but the records played only serve as starting points. There’s a lot of distortion, manipulation, etc. added on top of these mixes to create a pretty seamless sonic adventure.

You can also check out Rust Worship’s recent release on Albany’s Tape Drift label here (3rd release down).

From the x>Triangulation>x blog:

DJ deposits, deck magnetics with Paul Haney from Obsolete Units

1 Kenneth Kirschner from March 16, 2006 [12k]
2) Ketawang Puspawarna – JAVA: Court Gamelan v.ii [nonesuch]
3) pelegongan of kuta {directed by i wayan lotring} from the roots of gamelan {BALI 1928} [world arbiter]
4) Failing Lights – Moon on the First Night [intransitive]

5) Dave Phillips – They Live [rrr]
6) Illusion of Safety – Tolerance – in session {2007}[waystyx]
7) Joe Colley – Claysound.10.02 – desperate attempts at beauty : conceptual and research exercises [auscultare research/ground fault]
8) Pauline Oliveros – Mnemonics III {1965} – four electronic pieces 1959-1966 [sub rosa]
9) Z’ev – as {18 feb 1978}(recorded radio kpfk) – as/if/when [sub rosa]
10) Maurizio Bianchi – Fetish Pinksha – Mectpyo Bakterium [EEs’T]
11) Charlemagne Palestine – Piano Drone {1972} – Continuous Sound Forms [golden research]
12) Brian Eno – Tal Coat – Ambient 4 [editions e.g.]

13) Tim Hecker from Mirages [alien8]
14) Wasteland Jazz Unit [deep fried tapes]
15) Jacob Hoffman xylophone , w, Kandel’s Orch. – Doina and Hora – Klezmer Music: Early Yiddish. First Recordings: 1908-1927 [arhoolie]
16) Masada – Piram [tzadik]
17) Eric Dolphy – Hat and Beard – Out to Lunch [blue note]
18) Amir ElSaffar – Flood – Two Rivers [pi]

19) Anthony Braxton from Xo/ N-O-1-47A [actuel 15]
20) Marion Brown – Homecoming – Why Not? [esp disk]
21) Noah Howard – Domiabra – The Black Ark [bo’weavil]
22) Sun Ra – Discipline 27 – Concert for the Comet Kohoutek [esp disk]
23) Borbetamagus – Concordat 4 [agaric]
24) okkyung lee from i saw the ghost of an unknown soul and it said… [ecstatic peace]
25) Caroliner Rainbow Stewed Angel Skins – Copper Baw Ribs – I’m Armed with Qts. of Blood [subterranean]
26) Fat Worm of Error – Brown – Pregnant Babies Pregnant with Pregnant Babies [load]
27) Menstruation Sisters from Ma [no fun]
28) Sunburned Hand and the Man – ∞∞ – Sunburned [ecstatic peace]
29) Avarus IV 12″ [secret eye/ikuisuus]
30) Sun City Girls – This Is My Name – Funeral Mariachi [adbt]

R.I.P. Don Van Vliet 1941-2010