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[Review: ProEf, ‘All Eye Know’]

As an upstate denizen, I’m a fan of cold. The winter chill encourages a healthy time for reflection when your faced with no one but yourself, sorting through the ins and outs. ProEf’s EP All Eye Know, released in early 2012 on Otnorot Recordings, channels this loneliness and self-consciousness with its mysteriously pensive sounds that delve into ambient/downtempo vibes, hip-hop rhythms, and hypnagogic samples.

On his website, ProEf states the catalyst for All Eye Know was “new states of consciousness.” As a listener this is apparent on the first track “Fading DeLights,” which begins with a hollow clattering sound reminiscent of an ancient Chinese meditation bowl. With ghostly street noises fading in and out of the melody, a bleak and beautiful soundscape is slowly created. It’s an atmospheric track that reminds me of a late night walk home with my hood up, hiding yet completely aware.

The album’s title seems to recall Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “transcendent eye,” which suggests that solitude can be used to connect with a divine presence and enhance unity between the spirit and the natural world.

In “Bone Chilly” there is a pressing conflict between the external world and how it affects the internal world, while on the album’s title track there’s a tension between action and complacency that the track’s rhythmic direction seems to mimic. ProEf speaks over the repetitive synth staccatos, “I don’t know what you want from me/ All I know is exactly what I see,” which is followed by a cry for help. The same disillusioned feel is heard in “At a Glance,” where it opens with a transit authority voice droning “Please mind the gap.” The music halts in the beginning, channels the busy subway station, then picks up with a rapid and anxious beat.

Contrasted with the slower, more meditative songs is “Slow Motion Through My Window,” which is one of the most moving tracks in this collection. A deep, majestic cello rumbles through a steady sample that sounds like a body struggling to move forward. It builds, slowly, while the two contrasting sounds harmonize. The tone is dark and confused with glimmers of strength, which I find to be the most successful part of this transcendent creation.

Compared to ProEf’s upbeat and electric compositions like “Ok One Last Sushi Roll” and “So Let’s Take A Trip,” which you can find on Soundcloud, there’s a more serious, complacent attention as to how the field recordings, samples, hip-hop rhythms, and synths interact. It’s a wonderful mix between steady and upbeat, similar to artists like Gramatik, Emancipator, and Blue Sky Black Death. Overall, All Eye Know begs to be listened to when you’re in a quiet and reflective mood, ready to let go of your fears.


Review by Ailsa Forlenza

[Archive 04.18.12: Cinnamon Aluminum special]

1) Ducktails, “On the Boardwalk,” Landscapes (Olde English Spelling Bee)
2) (technical difficulties)
3) ProEf, “Slow Motion Through My Window,” All Eye Know (Outnorot)
4) Skeleton Zoo, “Devil’s Lettuce,” The Busride EP
5) Ay Fast, “Little Big Parent,” Always Crying (Schematic)
6) Oneohtrix Point Never, “Sleep Dealer,” Replica (Mexican Summer)
7) Sculpture, “Bonus Level,” Toad Blinker (Dekorder)
8) Cinnamon Aluminum, “New Couch,” (Level 4 Activated)
9) Cinnamon Aluminum, “Ma Cyberface,” We Ate the Wrong Crab Spirit (Level 4 Activate)
10) Cinnamon Aluminum, “Forest of Leisure,” We Ate the Wrong Crab Spirit (Level 4 Activated)
11) Cinnamon Aluminum, “Porn,” We Ate the Wrong Crab Spirit (Level 4 Activated)
12)Cinnamon Aluminum, “Poppin Squirrels,” We Ate the Wrong Crab Spirit (Level 4 Activated)
13)Cinnamon Aluminum, “When I Was You,”We Ate the Wrong Crab Spirit (Level 4 Activated)
14) Cinnamon Aluminum, “Eighteen-Four (The Ending of a Robot’s Dream),” We Ate the Wrong Crab Spirit (Level 4 Activated)
15) Cinnamon Aluminum and Mike ‘Yes-Yes’ Ersing, “Is You Me (Holy)”
16) Gang Gang Dance, “Glass Jar,” Eye Contact (4AD)
17) Kid on Purpose, “The Jungis”
18) Toro y Moi, “Freakin Out,” Freaking Out EP
19) LCD Soundsystem, “Home,” This is Happening (DFA)
20) David Byrne and Brian Eno, “Jezebel Spirit” My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (Sire)

[Archive 01.19.12]

1) Tycho, “Cascade (Live), Hours (Ghostly Int.)
2) Vladislav Delay, “Levite,” Vantaa (Raster-Noton)
3) Co La, “Vanity Plate,” Daydream Repeater (NNA Tapes)
4) Heatsick, “Taxi Zum No,” Intersex (Pan)
5) ProEf, “Slow Motion Through My Window,” All Eye Know (Otnorot Recordings)
6) Sculpture, “E.M. Percolator,” Toad Blinker (Dekorder)
7) Forest Feeling, “AM Introduction,” Aitken Jamhouse
8) Daniel Padden, “Rattling Belt,” Ship Chop (Dekorder)
9) Vans Deferense Organization, “78 Revolving Potentiometers,” Eye Peels and Brain Picks (Puer Gravy)
10) Skeleton Zoo, “Choclate Elbow,” The Busride EP
11) Abstract Random, “Goodness,” Siren Songs —dub hop electro from toronto  slits meets
12) Ensemble Economique, “To Feel the Night as It Really Is,” Crossing the Pass, By Torchlight (Dekorder)
13) Andrew Pekler, “The Twilight of Your Smile,” Sentimental Favorites (Dekorder)
14) Tony Conrad, featuring MV Carbon,  Angharad Davies, and Dominic Lash, Unprojectable: Projection and Perspective,” Live at the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern
15) Eli Keszler, “EK Pan B MA 081911,” Cold Pin (Pan)
16) John Wiese, “Don’t Move Your Finger,” Seven of Wands (Pan)
17) Occult Modem Setting, “Submit (Directly to Chef),” Compression Artifacts 
18) Marla Hlady & Friends, “A Case for Sound: Nite Ride”

[Preivew 1.18.12: Skeleton Zoo, Tony Conrad, ProEf, Occult Modem Setting, Marla Hlady]

Despite observing a blackout earlier today due to the SOPA protest, The Upstate Soundscape will be on the air tonight as usual. Here is what you will hear….

New stuff from ProEf, experimental turntablist from Toronto, an extended sound piece from Marla Hlady who currently has an exhibition up at Hallwall’s, and a live performance from Tony Conrad and MV Carbon, who will be performing together at the closing ceremonies of Brooklyn’s ISSUE Project Room this Friday.

We’ll also hear songs from regional artists Occult Modem Setting (see our review of his album, Compression Artifacts here) and Skeleton Zoo, whose EP The Busride we will be reviewing later this weekend.

Show starts at 10pm on 91.3 FM WBNY. Stream at WBNY.org.



[Archive 01.04.11]

1) SlowPitch, “No Turning Back,” REPLCMNT
2) ProEf, “Fading DeLights,” All Eye Know
3) Beta Cloud, “Crystaline,” Glossy Eyes Vol. 1 (Bad Drone Media)
4) VWLS, “Maurauder Water,” Glossy Eyes Vol. 1 (Bad Drone Media)
5) Alfred Brown, “I’m Not a Fox for Nothing,” Glossy Eyes Vol. 1 (Bad Drone Media)
6) Mutus Liber, “Hesitation Resources,” Glossy Eyes Vol. 1 (Bad Drone Media)
7) Grasshopper, “I Sang a Sad Song Today,” Miles in the Sky (House of Alchemy)
8) Parashi, “Car char odonto saurus,” Parashi/Granitkorridor Split (Stunned Records)
9) Benoît Honoré Pioulard, “A Land Which Has No End,” Plays Thelma (Desire Path Recordings)
10) Claymation, “Solidarity,” The Dolphin Key (Magnetic Eye Records)
11) Richard Lainhart, “Live @ Alfa Art Gallery 4.9.11”