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[Archive 01.04.11]

1) SlowPitch, “No Turning Back,” REPLCMNT
2) ProEf, “Fading DeLights,” All Eye Know
3) Beta Cloud, “Crystaline,” Glossy Eyes Vol. 1 (Bad Drone Media)
4) VWLS, “Maurauder Water,” Glossy Eyes Vol. 1 (Bad Drone Media)
5) Alfred Brown, “I’m Not a Fox for Nothing,” Glossy Eyes Vol. 1 (Bad Drone Media)
6) Mutus Liber, “Hesitation Resources,” Glossy Eyes Vol. 1 (Bad Drone Media)
7) Grasshopper, “I Sang a Sad Song Today,” Miles in the Sky (House of Alchemy)
8) Parashi, “Car char odonto saurus,” Parashi/Granitkorridor Split (Stunned Records)
9) Benoît Honoré Pioulard, “A Land Which Has No End,” Plays Thelma (Desire Path Recordings)
10) Claymation, “Solidarity,” The Dolphin Key (Magnetic Eye Records)
11) Richard Lainhart, “Live @ Alfa Art Gallery 4.9.11”

[2011 in Review: SlowPitch, ‘REPLCMNT’]

Since experimental turntabilsm’s inception with John Cage’s “Imaginary Landscape No. 1” in 1939 most turntablism of this nature has been dominated by avant-garde artists who adopted the turntable and/or records as instruments because of their ability to provide unconventional and aesthetically intriguing sounds. Toronto’s SlowPitch, on the other hand, sounds instead like an actual DJ that has been schooled in traditional turntablism and who has now progressed naturally into experimental territory after mastering the tools of the disc jockey’s trade.

SlowPitch’s comfort with less esoteric (i.e. traditional) turntable techniques like scratching, juggling, transforming etc. is reflected by the overall smoothness and seamlessness in which REPLCMNT unfolds. And despite coming in at just over 18 minutes in length REPLCMNT is packed with sonic references that will test the most ardent crate diggers. And for the more meditative listener, REPLCMNT is rich in layered drones that vibrate against one another like snoring atoms, punctuated by crackling samples, with imaginative delay-drenched scratches.

It would be interesting to see more hip-hop DJs pick up the challenge that is REPLCMNT. After all it is perhaps a blueprint of sorts that could provide a way forward to an entire generation of hip-hop DJs that latched themselves to a once-dominant genre that has since exhausted itself both creatively and commercially.

Forgive me while I dream, but imagine if today’s many hip-hop DJs, who often possess unquestionably amazing technical skills, were liberated from the formulaic machismo of hip-hop to begin work on something more open ended, more imaginative. If that were to happen, REPLCMNT would undoubtedly serve as one of the crucial recordings to bridge the two worlds.


Review by Jamie Moore

[visually sound sunday: SlowPitch, “Mind Cntrl”

Here is the video for “Mind Cntrl,” a track off of Toronto experimental turntablist SlowPitch’s new release, REPLCMNT. The video is an abstract kaleidoscopic journey directed by WifiHifiScifi.

You can hear more of SlowPitch’s REPLCMNT by going to the the Upstate Soundscape archive and listening to last week’s show here.


[archive: 10.12.11]


1) Oneohtrix Point Never, “Its A Good Time,” Replica (Software)

2) Simon Scott, “Honeymoon,” Bunny (Miasmah)

3) Alfred Brown, “I’m Not a Fox for Nothing,” Glossy Eyes, Vol.1 (Bad

Drone Media)

4) Mold Omem, “GTO,” Blacktop (Cae-sur-a)

5) Icarus, “Skate Glug,” Check the Water (The Leaf Label)

6) Xela, “List & Paradise,” The Sublime (Dekorder)

7)SlowPitch, “No Turning Back,” REPLCMNT

8) SlowPitch, “Mind Ctrl,” REPLCMNT

9) SlowPitch, “Subtract Attention Span,” REPLCMNT

10) SlowPitch, “Deep Spaced,” REPLCMNT

11) SlowPitch, “Mysterious Grip,” REPLCMNT

12) Benoit Honore Pioulard, “Calder,” Benoît Honoré Pioulard Plays Thelma (Desire Path Recordings)

13) Stone Baby, “Absinthe Lover in the Opium Den,” The Flaneur (House of Alchemy)

14) Kid on Purpose, “There Now Then,” Diffusion Tensor (Level 4 Activated)

15) Machinefabriek &Gareth Davies, “Mackerel Sky,” Ghost Lanes (Dekorder)

16) Neu!, “Negativland,” Neu!(Brain Records)

[preview 10.12.11: Benoît Honoré Pioulard, SlowPitch and more]

Pathway003: Benoît Honoré Pioulard Plays Thelma

A bunch of new stuff to get to tonight on The Upstate Soundscape, including a track from Benoît Honoré Pioulard’s new album that’s being put out by Buffalo-based label Desire Path Recorings.

We’ll also hear the new EP REPLCMNT from Toronto-based experimental turntablist SlowPitch in its entirety.

Slowpitch- Replcmnt


And we got some new stuff from German label Dekorder, Rochester label Cas-sur-a, plus a great new track from Oneohtrix Point Never’s new album Replica. 

Show starts at 10pm on 91.3FM WBNY. Stream at WBNY.org