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[Archive 09.19.12]

1) Venn Rain, “Phosphene Scene,” Bioharmonics (House of Alchemy)
2) Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, “Nostradamus & Me,” Mature Themes (4AD)
3) Loscil, “Container Ships,” Sketches from New Brighton (Kranky)
4) Josh Mason, “JM3440_C,” Josh Mason/Nathan McLaughlin Split (Tape Drift)
5) Tomutonttu, “Live at Kiasma” September 8, 2012
6) UVB-76, “Dale”
7) JT Rinker,” Haole,” Out of Nowhere: Electro-Acoustic Music from the Upstate Fringe (Big Orbit)
8) University of Toronto Electronic Music Studio, “Dripsody”
9) Mercury Rev, “Pick Up if You’re There,” Deserter’s Songs Instrumentals
10) Aidan Baker and Tim Hecker, “Gallery of the Invisible Woman,” Fantasma Parastasie
11) Nate Young, “Sleep Anxiety” Regression (Ideal) 
12) Lindstrom, “Call Me Anytime (Oneohtrix Point Never remix)”
13) Jax Deluca, Pat Cain, and Martin Freeman, “Beating Synths” Recorded in august 2012 at the Institute for Electronic Arts, Alfred University, NY.
14) Steven Hess/Christopher McFall, “I,” The Inescapable Fox (Under the Spire)
15) Downsampling, “Action Figure,” Playthings
16) Scanner, “Hiss Concrete”
17) Lawrence English, “Entoloma Abortivum, For/Not For John Cage (LINE)
18) Windy & Carl, “Sketch for Flea”

[Free Music Friday: Wave Farm Collage]

DOWNLOAD:  Wave Farm Collage (Right Click, Save Link As)

Out in Arca, New York, a little south of Albany, is the Wave Farm, a place that “provides reference materials to artists, curators, students, and educators researching contemporary and historical practices in media, radio, and sound art with respect to the topic of transmission and reception.”

It also hosts some pretty insane Transmission Art performances and the above download is a collage of a number of those performances that took place at the Wave Farm.

The above collage was put together for Radia, an international consortium of Transmission artists dedicated to exploring “new and forgotten ways of making radio.”  The artists featured in the collage include Scanner, Tom Roe, Feathers, Stars like Fleas, and Evidence.

The Wave Farm Study Center is run in conjunction with Free103point9 and the non-commercial, community FM radio station WGXC 90.7-FM.