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[Archive 10.16.13]

The Upstate Soundscape, 10.16.13


1) Eli Keszler, “Cold Pin 2” Cold Pin (PAN)

2) Hanged Up & Tony Conrad, “Gentle The Unlucky Astronomer” Transit of Venus (Constellation)

3) Harmony Rockets, The Crawling Journey of the Serpents of Starry Light- Live in New York City (Excelsior Melodies)

4) Chapels, “It Looked Different How You Described It”

5) Gruppo Di Improvisazione Nuova Consonanza, “Schema 1” Musica Su Schemi (Superior Viaduct)

6) High Aura’d, “Remain in Light” High Aura’d/Blood Bright Star 7″ split (Anti-Matter Records)

7) Miguel Prado and Michael Pisaro, “White Metal (Grey Series No. 2) (excerpt)”

8) Federico Durand, “Una Ciudad al pie de las Montanas” El idioma de las luciérnagas (Desire Path Recordings)

9) Skeleton Zoo, “Make You Love Me”

10) Huerco S. “Angel (Phase)” Colonial Patterns (Mexican Summer)

11) The Knife, “Without You My Life Would Be Boring” Shaking the Habitual (Rabid)

[Archive 04.25.12]

1) Ches Smith, “Pressed On,” Congs for Brums II: Noise to Men 
2) Machinefabriek, “Brown,” Colour Tones (Fang Bomb)
3) SlowPitch, “Brain Test Mantra,” Biosphere Stargraze (Bah Doom Recordings)
4) Nastro, “25” 300mq (Upside Down Recordings)
5) Giant Claw, “Righteous-Injustice-Hellearth,” Giant Claw/The Cat’s Orchestra Split (cae-sur-a)
6) Ghost Father, “Tangential”
7) Tomutonttu, “Rattus (Live),” The Noise from Ridgewood, A Benefit Compilation for the Silent Barn (Obsolete Units)
8) Skeleton Zoo, “More Various Flavors of Chip”
9) Lord Tang, “Thang,” Lord Thang (Gigante)
10) Buildings and Mountains, “Epidemic Magnificent,” SummerGut String (Blood Dirt)
11) Chapels, “No Graves,” The Noise from Ridgewood, A Benefit Compilation for the Silent Barn (Obsolete Units)
12) Baczkowski Sack Duo, “Keet Seel,” Baczkowski Sack Duo/Butcher, Breyer, Khoury Trio Split (House of Alchemy)
13) Jeffery Star, “Sound Opera,” Out of Nowhere: Electro-Acoustic Music from the Upstate Fringe (Big Orbit)
14) Underground River, “In The Sand,” Endless Air; The Other Side of Happenings (Owl)
15) Future by Now, “This Is Not,” Blood Dirt Companion, Vol. 1 (Blood Dirt)
16) Squanto, “Like Chlorine,” On Being Lumpy 
17) Off the International Radar, “A Cold Mirror,” Hot Lips 
18) M. Mucci, “The Days Blur Together” Tall House Recordings

[Visually Sound Sunday: Nue Nue, ‘Live at the Cloud Club’]

 Upstate Soundscape favorite Skeleton Zoo, an electronic sample-happy duo out of Albany, has joined forces with Tristan Allen and Faust Ghoul to form Nue Nue, collective of like-minded experimental musicians.

 Nue Nue recently held their debut performance together in Boston at the Cloud Club. Below is a video of that performance.


[Archive 04.18.12: Cinnamon Aluminum special]

1) Ducktails, “On the Boardwalk,” Landscapes (Olde English Spelling Bee)
2) (technical difficulties)
3) ProEf, “Slow Motion Through My Window,” All Eye Know (Outnorot)
4) Skeleton Zoo, “Devil’s Lettuce,” The Busride EP
5) Ay Fast, “Little Big Parent,” Always Crying (Schematic)
6) Oneohtrix Point Never, “Sleep Dealer,” Replica (Mexican Summer)
7) Sculpture, “Bonus Level,” Toad Blinker (Dekorder)
8) Cinnamon Aluminum, “New Couch,” (Level 4 Activated)
9) Cinnamon Aluminum, “Ma Cyberface,” We Ate the Wrong Crab Spirit (Level 4 Activate)
10) Cinnamon Aluminum, “Forest of Leisure,” We Ate the Wrong Crab Spirit (Level 4 Activated)
11) Cinnamon Aluminum, “Porn,” We Ate the Wrong Crab Spirit (Level 4 Activated)
12)Cinnamon Aluminum, “Poppin Squirrels,” We Ate the Wrong Crab Spirit (Level 4 Activated)
13)Cinnamon Aluminum, “When I Was You,”We Ate the Wrong Crab Spirit (Level 4 Activated)
14) Cinnamon Aluminum, “Eighteen-Four (The Ending of a Robot’s Dream),” We Ate the Wrong Crab Spirit (Level 4 Activated)
15) Cinnamon Aluminum and Mike ‘Yes-Yes’ Ersing, “Is You Me (Holy)”
16) Gang Gang Dance, “Glass Jar,” Eye Contact (4AD)
17) Kid on Purpose, “The Jungis”
18) Toro y Moi, “Freakin Out,” Freaking Out EP
19) LCD Soundsystem, “Home,” This is Happening (DFA)
20) David Byrne and Brian Eno, “Jezebel Spirit” My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (Sire)

[Free Music Friday: Skeleton Zoo, ‘Broken Sky Welder’]

New song from Albany’s Skeleton Zoo here. Whatever they put out as a follow-up to the awesome Busride EP is worth checking out. Enjoy.

[Archive 02.22.12]

1) Velvet Elvis, “Where’s Your Marlboro Man Now?” No Rules in the Wasteland (cae-sur-a)
2) SlowPitch, “Teary-Eyed Bird Watcher”
3) Orphx, “Signal to Noise,” Circuitbreaking (Hymen)
4) Katastrophic, “Refigure (Mark Kloud Remix)”
5) Kristachuwan, “Rurricane Helics”
6) Kid on Purpose, “Saul Solemnly Searching his Soul on the Surface of the Sun,” Diffusion Tensor (Level 4 Activated)
7) Skeleton Zoo, “Broken Sky Welder”
8) Sink/Sink, “Astronavt,” The Darkest Dark Goes (Feedback Loop Label)
9) Occult Modem Setting, “Submit (Directly to Chef),” Compression Artifacts 
10) Todd Peck, “Daze Away” Adirondack Ocean  
11) Kevin Hume, “Love is a Feeling,” Out of Nowhere – Electro-Acoustic Music from the Upstate Fringe
12) University of Toronto Electronic Music Studio, “Inferno” Electronic Music
13) Bent Spoon Duo, “B,” Price of Darkness (House of Alchemy)
14) KG Price with T. Andrew Trump, “Pulmonary Import”
15) Off the International Radar, “Critical Mass,” OTIR 003
16) Women, “Eye Sore,” Public Strain (Jagjaguwar)

[Preview 01.22.12: L4A, HOA, Sink/Sink, and UofT Electronic Music Studio]

Tons of stuff to get to tonight on The Upstate Soundscape, including a new tape (or two) from Buffalo label House of Alchemy, a live piece from Toronto turntablist Slow Pitch, and new track from Sink/Sink, a New Zealand band with some Upstate connections.

We’ll also hear good tracks from the Level 4 Activated crew, Upstate Soundscape newcomer Todd Peck, Albany’s Skeleton Zoo, KG Price with T. Andrew Trump, and a 1967 piece created by the University of Toronto Electronic Music Studio.

U of T Electronic Music Studio

Show starts at 10pm on 91.3 FM WBNY. Stream at WBNY.org.


[Mixed Up Monday: Skeleton Zoo, Blirp! Mix]

More Skeleton Zoo anyone? Check the review of the The Busride EP that we posted on Saturday if you missed it. Here is a mix the Albany-based duo did for Blirp.fm. Description from the website is below the tracklisting. Enjoy.

1) Jean Bosco Mwenda – Mama Na Mwana

2) Onra – I Wanna Go Back

3)  Madvillain – Great Day (Four Tet Remix)

4) Ricky Eat Acid – Pale Blue and Dripping Water (Skeleton Zoo remix)

5) -Joy Jones – Right Now (m∞n remix)

6) Jay Dee – Ghetto Love feat. Truth Hurts (slowed down)

7) Fennesz – Caecilia

8) Groundislava – Animal (Young Montana Remix)

9)The Beach Boys – Old Man River

10)  heRobust – half fool
11) Skeleton Zoo – Bon Voyage (Ol’ Dirty Bastard)

From Blirp!:Our summers were pretty well soundtracked thanks in large part to players like The Busride EP from the beat production duo of Skeleton Zoo.  
Counting Devil’s Lettuce as one of our favorite and most-revisited tracks of the year, the duo of Steve Goodwin and Ezekiel Bartnett spearheaded their own brand of glitch-heavy collaging under the oddly fitting ‘post-elevator’ genre.  
Since The Busride EP was released back in August, Skeleton Zoo have given homage to Shimmy Shimmy Ya, dropped a remix for your boy Ricky Eat Acid and now are stepping in to curate a brand new mix for our ongoing artist mix series.

The mix is a conglomeration of everything that made us fall in love with their music in the first place — the ability to shapeshift between genres, tempos, tones and styles with such ease and grace.  Give a listen to their mix down below and slide it to the top of your pregaming queue.  Bang on.

[Review: Skeleton Zoo, ‘The Busride EP’]

Tribal glitchwave with a broad scope, The Busride EP is an excellent offering of “post-elevator music” from Steve Goodwin and Zeek Barnett, who create the exhibits of Skeleton Zoo from Albany, New York.  Taking part in the reinvention of the beat generation a half-century later, their digital concoctions exemplify the global fusion taking place across most genres of music as the twenty-first century marches on.

Skeleton Zoo’s electronic collages reflect the measured madness of society’s impositions.  This dizzying spin through the arrayed skeletons of our present civil constructs opens with simple African percussion. The Busride then quickly climbs into gear as the journey begins, belching distortion and barely intelligible utterings amid the chaotic tribal musings of “Nelson Mandala.”

Gurgling overtones built atop harmonic repetition provide the stage for a flurry of samplings spanning humanity’s exhibition.   Dreamy glitchwave builds the ambiance, allowing hazy glimpses of half-remembered moments to drift across consciousness before receding once again.  Whispered words and scratchy rhymes smoothly flit about the painfully soulful reminder that “time will heal.”

Passengers exchange the ride for a stroll through the nonsensical dreamscape of Willy Wonka.  Echoing rhythms built around Gene Wilder’s half-mad crooning spurs the listener onward through shimmering walls of resonance.  Into the chaotic “Colorless Dystopia” of our future, sonic accoutrements of the past left behind in the face of memory.  Whizzing through the wasteland left behind by excess, a blurred world helps make everything a little clearer, xylophone firing into silence.

Returned to the present, we find the bus rolling through frozen expanses of electronic orchestration.  “Snowdrifts” shift, whisked into new configurations, the road behind quickly swallowed up by the drifting accumulation. Fuzzy murmurs and a single string, the path suddenly shining as the guides veer eastward through the pastures of the Skeleton Zoo.

Skeleton Zoo’s pair of curators engineer mesmerizing sonic displays for their visitors.  Harps and mysticism fill the air before chanting floods a horizon of plodding “White Elephants.”  Newsreel narration, chanting shamans, and a slew of orchestrations layer precisely, “a heavily bearded remnant of the beat generation.”  Strings and samples of the white man’s lackluster attempts to easily define what lies beyond understanding coalesce into a fleeting look at the world as it was.

Into the lonely night and skyward, The Busride stares upward as the expedition darkens.  Specters float across the inky blackness, stars shining through the gloom to eerie warbling.  Glitchy echoes of dub as a haunting voice caresses the loneliness of the witching hours.  Gears shift, the dimness pierced by the glittering “Rainbow Road” that floods the windshield.  Hip-hop rhymes and synthesized technicolor speed pilgrims back into the silence of their thoughts as things shimmer to the close.

Check out their work for yourselves via the world wide waste.  Cost: free dollars on their bandcamp site.


Review by a career in the haw haw haw haw 

[Archive 01.19.12]

1) Tycho, “Cascade (Live), Hours (Ghostly Int.)
2) Vladislav Delay, “Levite,” Vantaa (Raster-Noton)
3) Co La, “Vanity Plate,” Daydream Repeater (NNA Tapes)
4) Heatsick, “Taxi Zum No,” Intersex (Pan)
5) ProEf, “Slow Motion Through My Window,” All Eye Know (Otnorot Recordings)
6) Sculpture, “E.M. Percolator,” Toad Blinker (Dekorder)
7) Forest Feeling, “AM Introduction,” Aitken Jamhouse
8) Daniel Padden, “Rattling Belt,” Ship Chop (Dekorder)
9) Vans Deferense Organization, “78 Revolving Potentiometers,” Eye Peels and Brain Picks (Puer Gravy)
10) Skeleton Zoo, “Choclate Elbow,” The Busride EP
11) Abstract Random, “Goodness,” Siren Songs —dub hop electro from toronto  slits meets
12) Ensemble Economique, “To Feel the Night as It Really Is,” Crossing the Pass, By Torchlight (Dekorder)
13) Andrew Pekler, “The Twilight of Your Smile,” Sentimental Favorites (Dekorder)
14) Tony Conrad, featuring MV Carbon,  Angharad Davies, and Dominic Lash, Unprojectable: Projection and Perspective,” Live at the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern
15) Eli Keszler, “EK Pan B MA 081911,” Cold Pin (Pan)
16) John Wiese, “Don’t Move Your Finger,” Seven of Wands (Pan)
17) Occult Modem Setting, “Submit (Directly to Chef),” Compression Artifacts 
18) Marla Hlady & Friends, “A Case for Sound: Nite Ride”