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[Soundcloud Group Featured Track: Spurgeasaurus, ‘Bardo’]

Here is a track that Hudson, NY, artists Spurgeasaurus posted to the Soundcloud Group recently. The description explains that the track has “shades of ancient India and future starships. A journey into the himalayas with spirit guides and extra-dimensional entities.”

Spurgeasaurus is invovled in a number of cool projects worth checking out including the Hudson Valley’s Coterminus Collectiv, which we wrote about here, along with his band Destructasaurus Rex. 

[Archive 04.11.12]

1) Lucky Dragons, “Exsisters,” Exsisters 
2) Lesley Flanigan, “Sleepy”
3) Digital Dog Party, “Your Heart Gave Fuzz”
4) The Cubes, “Pacifique Live Improvisation”
5) Spurgeasaurus, “Working Title (Active Ingredient)”
6) Cloud Becomes Your Hand, “Rootabega Pigeons,” S/T
7) Beef Terminal, “Empty Beach,” Humidex 
8) Ghost Father, “Shrift”
9) Cinnamon Aluminum, “Forest of Leisure,” We Ate the Wrong Crab Spirit (Level 4 Activated)
10) Tristan Perich, “Interface,”  string quartet, 4-channel 1-bit electronic
11) Kirk Starkey, “Hidden I Nocturne,” Little Gidding
12) Matthew Ship, “Alternative Aspects,” Elastic Aspects 
13) TJ Borden, “Contractions”
14) Salem:1976, “Everything is Going to Be OK”
15) Totem Pole, “Improvisatoin # 2,” Live at the Vault March 14, 2012
16) Jookla Duo and Bill Nace, “Scratch Here,” Scratch