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[Archive 01.11.14]

1) SIGHUP, “City Passage,” City Passage (Feedback Loop Label)
2) Chapels, “I Have Tried, Part 1,” I Have Tried (House of Alchemy)
3) Mold Omen, “The Driver/The Mechanic,” Blacktop (cae-sur-a)
4) Bob Ohrum, “For Dan (Excerpt),” All Around Me (Relaxed Machinery)
5)Kyle Bobby Dunn, “Touhy’s Theme,” Ways of Meaning (Desire PAth Recordings)
6) Kyle Bobby Dunn, “In Praise of Tears”
7) throuRoof, “Feathers & Blood,” Feathers & Blood (cae-sur-a)
8) Scott Valkwitch, “In the Red,” From the Deepest Depths of a Bottomless Light (House of Alchemy)
9) All of Them Withces, “Toyotal Recall,” Breathers vs. Drivers
10) All of Them Witches, “That’s a Real Head Scratcher,” Breathers vs. Drivers
11) All of Them Witches, Tocqueville Owes Back Taxes,” Breathers vs. Drivers
12) All of Them Witches, “Party Car,” Breathers vs. Drivers
13) KBD Sonic Collective, “Native”

[Preview 1.11.12: KBDx2, Bob Ohrum, All of Them Witches + more]

Kyle Bobby Dunn

Tonight on the Upstate Soundscape we will continue checking out the releases that we have been reviewing for our [2011 in Review] section. We’ll hear tracks from the reviews of the past week including Chapels, SIGHUP, Bob Ohrum, throuRoof, and Kyle Bobby Dunn.

We’ll also take a listen to a new unreleased track from Kyle Bobby Dunn called “In Praise of Tears.”

We’ve got another week or so of reviews left and we’ll preview some of them including the one for All of Them Witches’ new album Breathers vs. Drivers. The review for Breathers vs. Drivers is scheduled to post tomorrow, while All of Them Witches will also play a show this Saturday at Mohawk Place.

Also going to preview the show going down at The Vault this Friday with the KBD Sonic Cooperative  (no connection to Kyle Bobby Dunn), ChinaUFO, Malaria Control, Fluxmonkey, and Jason Zeh.For those of you planning on attending this show, make sure you head down to Merge afterward for Freeform Fridays with me and the Vinyl Retentives.  All vinyl, no cover, and cheap PBR tallboys. Should be a good way to close out the night.

The Upstate Soundscape starts at 10pm on 91.3 FM WBNY. Stream at WBNY.org.


[2011 in Review: throuRoof, ‘Feathers & Blood’]

throuRoof’s Feathers & Blood cassette seems designed to evoke deep-seeded emotions from listeners that attune themselves to the graceful arrangements and hypnotic structures. Like a psychic depth charge, this cassette aims to blast open the murkier contents of the mind so that they can be analyzed closer in a conscious state.

Released by the Rochester label Cae-Sur-A, this cassette features two tracks, one per side, each twenty minutes in length. Both tracks are drone-based constructions that feature harmonic overlays punctuated with tones that are sustained to the limits of perception, reminiscent of the La Monte Young school of drone. And like those classic droners, throuRoof’s brand of drone leans more toward the transcendental, as opposed to the academic.

The A-side is “Birdism,” a loosely woven and organic  20-minute piece that is built on extremely simple tones with elegant phrasing that ebbs and flows like the separate breathing patterns of two people in bed and fast asleep. Punctuated with the flapping of wings and other assorted bird noises, “Birdism” creates an eerie dream-like feel that leads the listener to believe that bird sounds are not meant to be understood literally, but rather in the syntax of dream symbolism.

On the flip side is the title track where strings give way to synths and the birds are replaced with a submerged undercurrent-like beat that takes the entire track to fully emerge. This is a sprawling, more electronically based composition that Foxy Digitalis correctly described as “some sort of minimalist drone-pop.”

Put together, both sides of Feathers & Blood make up an exquisitely crafted cassette that demands repeated listens.


Review by Jamie Moore