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[Preview: NXNE, Man Forever shows]

Tune in tonight to The Upstate Soundscape to hear a preview of Toronto’s North by Northeast festival and some of the artists that will be performing there this week.

While NXNE has always catered more to the indie crowd, there are plenty of challenging experimental artists slated to perform at this year’s festival. Tune in to find out who they are, what they sound like, and when they’ll be performing.

We’ll also take a listen to Man Forever, who will be rolling through Upstate for shows in Toronto (6/14), Buffalo (6/15),  Rochester (6/18), and Binghamton (6/20), and Hudson (6/24).

Show starts at 9pm on 91.3FM WBNY. Stream at WBNY.org.

[Mixed Up Monday: Off the International Radar, Ep. 4 Music Post-Mortem]

OTIR at Toronto's Wavelength Fest, Feb. '12

Here is a mix from Toronto group Off the International Radar. The kraut-influenced postrock outfit puts together podcasts and post them to their website for free download. This one is volume 4 from Winter of 2011 and is titled, ‘Episode 4: Music Post-Mortem.” This mix was also used by the youlookdeath.ly blog as the eight installment for its own mix series.

Regardless, its a cool mix with a lot of twists and turns. Enjoy.

01. Cyclist – Prime Cut (0:00)
02. Oneohtrix Point Never – Stress Waves (6:39)
03. John Baker – Factors (12:12)
04. Alessi Brothers – Seabird (12:39)
05. Jean Claude Vannier – L’enfant Au Royaume Des Mouches (15:46)
06. Au Pairs – Armagh (19:42)
07. Led Er Est – CC Exit (23:12)
08. The Sight Below – Dour (27:26)
09. Alain Goraguer – Deshominisation I (31:46)
10. Bernard Fevre – Restless (35:31)
11. Matrix Metals – Flamingo Breeze (excerpt) (37:44)
12. Here We Go Magic – Fangela (41:28)
13. Steve Thomsen – Autopia (46:55)
14. Wall of Voodoo – Lost Weekend (49:32)
15. Polyrock – Cries and Whispers (54:25)
16. The Walker Brothers – Shut Out (57:50)
17. Oh No Ono – Swim (1:00:34)
18. Group Doueh – Cheyla Ya Hiuune (1:05:06)
19. Broadcast – Black Cat (1:10:11)
20. Woo – Don’t Delay (1:14:03)
21. James Pants – A Chip in the Hand (1:18:02)
22. Gerry Rafferty – Right Down the Line (1:20:53)
23. Delia Derbyshire – Time To Go (1:25:15)

[Visually Sound Sunday: SlowPitch, ‘Improvisations’]

Check out these really cool improvs from Toronto experimental turntablist SlowPitch.

From YouTube:

{to optimize your experience use headphones}
Improvised composition using a turntable, percussion sequencer and effects/looping device by Toronto based turntable artist SlowPitch.

SlowPitch delivers a heavy dose of crackly textures, turntable wobbles and uniquely mesmerizing drones to create lush audio landscapes and euphoric rhythms. Perfect for drawing parties, craft events, book readings, theatre settings, meditation and more.

You can catch SlowPitch performing in the flesh at the Improvisation is Something We Live symposium scheduled to take place in Guelph, Ontario, on Friday, March 30. Check the link for more info.