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[Archive 2.5.14 ft. Guest Hosts Wooden Cities]

The Upstate Soundscape, 2.5.14

1) Zane Merritt, “Impaled in a Glass Case”
2) Charles Ives, “General William Booth Enters into Heaven” Arranged by Ethan Hayden
3) Jeffery Stadelman, “Koral 23 and 25”
4) Lejaren Hiller, “ILLIAC Suite- Mvt. 3 Experiment 3”
5) Lejaren Hiller and John Cage, “HPSCHD”
6) Nathan Heidelberger, “Occasionally, music”
7) Nathan Heidelberger “Descriptions of the Moon”
8) Pierre Boulez, “Le Marteau sans Maitre”
9) Michael Pisaro, “Blues Fall”
10) Lukas Foss, “Paradigm, Mvt. II Recital”
11) Nathan Heidelberger, “A Refrain One keeps Playing Year after Year, Concerning the Nature of Things as They Are”
12) Bela Bartok, “Ardeliana”

[Archive 05.08.13 ft. guest hosts Wooden Cities]

The Upstate Soundscape, 05.08.13

1) Robert Phillips, “O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden”
2) Ethan Hayden, “Star-light is a little light”
3) Esin Gündüz, “ı filosofi della collina”
4) Esin Gündüz, “Improvisation on Michael McNeill’s ‘Wild Geese'”
5) Traditional Turkish Music, “Üyünüm Layla”
6) Elliott Carter, “Shard”
7) Zane Merritt & Ben Willis, “Improvisation”
8) Nathan Heidelberger, “In flux/inflects/influx/in flects”
9) Salvatore Sciarrino, “Dove andarono la sera i muratori” from Quaderno di Strada
10) Nathan Heidelberger, “The Distance of the Moon”
11) Louis Andriessen, “Workers Union”
12) Will Redman, “The Book (excerpt)” Performed live by Wooden Cities

[Soundcloud Group Featured Track: Bassin/Borden/Merrit Trio Live in Seattle]

Here is a great performance from Dan Bassin, TJ Borden, and Zane Merritt, three musicians from UB’s music department that recently went on a brief tour of the Pacific-Northwest. This improv session was recorded at Seattle’s Gallery 1412 and then submitted to our Soundcloud Group. Enjoy.

Complete, unedited audio of the final performance from our July 2012 Pacific Northwest mini-tour.
TJ Borden – Amplified Cello
Zane Merritt – Electric Guitar
Daniel Bassin – Flumpet and Trumpet